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Jaz avalley

Station cat
And you guys should try Irish Mist, it has a leaning towards being a liqueur, and I doubt it is cheap, but it is yummy the only whiskey I would drink, my dad had loads of whiskey given as thank yous through his job, Johnny walker red,black labels popular,I liked the look of the one in the dimple bottle but you don’t see that now, I have bought various whiskys as presents, but prefer a brandy with coffee sweetener and a lot of cream. Strangely I like. Dark chocolate just before bed, but I cannot say if it helps me sleep lol


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"retired" conductor
Good morning gang!

73 and clear, heading to 94 degrees. Heading out this morning to son #4 high school graduation. Over the years he has been a Carson scholar (9x), NHS member, a student government official, all while carrying a weighted GPA of 4.05. Come August he’s off to college to pursue a degree in the biomedical field. I feel good thinking that this is the one that’s going to decide which nursing home his mother and I will go to.
Willie , keeping fingers crossed for you this morning.
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OBTC 1909

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Good morning all! Hard to believe it's June already. 70 here on the way to 85 with a 40% chance of storms. Going to be a really busy day at work with a couple huge projects beginning. Hope you all have a great day! Best of luck Willie on your procedure today.

D&J RailRoad

Professor of HO
Hope your procedure goes well Willie.
Great walking wx this morning here in Virginia.
Been working on an oversized box car. The coupler on one end is sitting high. Yeah, I could put an overset shank coupler on it but that is an extreme last resort. The kingpin frame on the car is melted, as if the truck had gotten extremely hot. It's a metal sprung truck, might have gotten sideways somehow and just sat there for awhile.
Went into town yesterday to see the movie, Maverick. Crowd was too big for my likings. Seems that each person who steps up to the ticket booth needs to stand there and think about what movie they want to see. They discuss it with the other people they're with then dig around their pockets or purse to find their wallet. Goes on and on. I decided to go for a ride instead.


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Last chore before hitting the road .. watering all the houseplants. We have hundreds... We have about 10 minutes...

It's funny... My wife is always 20 minutes late. Always

So I told her we should leave at 7:00am, fully knowing I was completely happy leaving at 7:30.

It's working. 🤓


Alien Attitude.
Wet Morning all,

Had storms and tornado warnings in the area last evening and overnight. Hit and miss rain bands produced anywhere from 3-6" of rain in the area. They were re-opening roads this morning on my way into the office. You can see where water ran over and through many areas. Still under a flood watch as we are expecting more showers throughout the day. My water trap in the basement did it's job, but as always, once the ground get saturated, it really doesn't leak. Clay soil once it gets wet seems to plug the leak until we have a long dry spell.

I managed to get a needed quickly project done yesterday despite being busy with 2 weeks before it is needed. Still down one IT tech and the boss today. Boss bailing his basement where water is coming up through the floor, (high water table in a sandy soil), and the senior IT tech is still out from the holiday.

Willie: Hope all goes well with your procedure today.



Lazy Daydreamer
Good morning Shop Dwellers!

Thanks for all the "likes" and/or comments on my Monday evening post - Louis, Hughie, James, Chad, Dave, OB-Ken, Guy, Sherrell, Karl, Patrick, Rick, Troy, Smudge, TomO, Joe, Curt

- 🙏🙏🙏 for the procedure!

* * *
Looks like I started celebrating a bit too early. Not about the crossing flasher (no problem there), but with the window-mounted heat pump. It's been serving me well ever since the spring of 2005, already long past its expected service life; now, even though the compressor runs and pumps plenty of cold air, it doesn't respond to the thermostat setting - I essentially have to turn it on and off manually. Obviously not a practical solution.

I probably need to just bite the bullet and buy a new 13000-BTU unit. But I don't know how long it will take for me to get it (the supply chain issue). There are plenty of them available at Home Depot, but everything manufactured since 2010 seems to only last 2-3 years. Guess I'll just need to stay out of the trainroom until a new A/C unit is delived...


Snarky Old Fart (in training)
Well, howdy there coffee-shop-dwelling internet people

It's troy again...

Good news, I mostly got some sleep last night. Bed at 9:30. Had to hit the Diet Dr Ps to stay up that late. One potty stop at 2 am... back to drifting sleep, but still sleep by 3am. Woke after 6 am

Yesterday, in an attempt to stay awake til "bedtime" I did take the destruction bar to the foam on the old part of the layout. Only poked myself with a splinter once.

The layout end of destruction. I need to fill in the gap so it curves gently into the existing part off camera to the left:
Screenshot 2022-06-01 at 7.19.01 AM.png

Still need to pull up the old fiberboard. But, I can at least find the screws now.

Here's the pile of debris. If I ever have time, these pieces will make nice wargaming hills once I glue them together. and add texture with sculptamold.

Screenshot 2022-06-01 at 7.19.50 AM.png

I already have a large box of foam hills for wargaming waiting on sculptamold, paint, and flock.

In other news, with all of my mother's health problems, she missed her last eye injection for macular degeneration. It got rescheduled to yesterday. Sister texted me last night that mom was in hosp with severe eye pain.

Of course, I was dead to the world, finally getting some sleep, and missed the text until 6:30ish when I got up.
Sister is working on 1 hour of sleep. I offered to drive in and take over. Waiting to hear back from the eye Doc before she makes a decision.

I'll go shower now, just in case I have to make the 1.5 hour trip in.


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Willie, best to you for your heart procedure.

Troy, you do know Diet Dr Pepper has caffeine in it? Tough to sleep with caffeine streaming through the body. I love my diet or sugarless Dr. pepper but now restrict it to my morning wake up time drink. YMMV

Troy again. My MIL was getting that eye shot. Craziest thing I had ever heard of and seen.

IBKen, my trainroom is 68f degrees all year and I know of only a couple times last sumner the AC came on. I hate telling folks to spend the money but, spend the money. At least on a HVAC guy checking it. You and the lumber in the layout will be thankful. What do those things run now in our season of inflation?

Patrick, enjoy your day. Glad you have no water issues

JeffH, safe travels

IBKen, our last movie in the theater was the Tuesday before the Saturday shutdown of Wisconsin in March, 2020. We were almost every Tuesday for 5 years heading to see a show. $5.00 seats, free popcorn and great clean theaters. We saw at least 40 movies a year. They are re-opened of course but no more $5.00 Tuesday and we are still apprehensive about mingling. We eventually went to buying tickets and seats online but waiting for folks to pick their seats was annoying, That is why we decided the online method was best for us.

Ken in Illinois, hoping the storms are not too bad by you. Glad you still seem to be enjoying the job!

Karl, congrats to #4 son. Too soon to be thinking about Homes!

JazA, I read somewhere dark chocolate is good for you in of course moderation. I love milk chocolate but can’t have any bit the dark chocolate for this diabetic is allowed. Go figure!

Terry, thanks for prying open the door to the new place. enjoy the cupcakes.

Well, the weather in Wisconsin has changed again. Yesterday was a very windy 92f day. Clouds all day but a very comfortable day. Today, 72f degrees for the high and it’s still windy. Pretty much the same for the next 10 days with highs of 65 to 74 with spotty chances of rain but nothing severe. Yesterday at this time 7CST I was on the deck it was so nice.

Mom would have been 100 or 99 today. She had 2 birth certificates with different years, she always said born in 1923, dad was born in 1922. Miss them both but I was very close to my mom.

Farmers Markets today even though nothing is needed. Maybe a baked good today.

Enjoy your day


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Ugh - - g'moanin, g'moanin - - -

Wife has been experiencing those lovely hot flashes to which our more seasoned females are prone. And as a light sleeper, I, too, have been up and down a lot at night. Last night she was sleeping fine - - until the police helo was apparently searching for somebody at 0230 - 0330!! Sumbeech!

'scuze me - - mocoffee

Steve J


Snarky Old Fart (in training)
Willie, best to you for your heart procedure.

Troy, you do know Diet Dr Pepper has caffeine in it? Tough to sleep with caffeine streaming through the body. I love my diet or sugarless Dr. pepper but now restrict it to my morning wake up time drink. YMMV

Yep... I stop caffeine at dinner time. Switch to ginger ale or water after that. The Diet Dr. Ps were to keep me from crashing at 7 pm and sleeping until 2 am. I need to get the sleep pattern closer to 10 p to 5 am. Waking at 2 am bright-eyed and bushy-tailed would just prolong the problem.


Curse You, Red Baron!
Staff member
Morning Everyone! We are at 56 degrees and looking for 86 later on - it's still cooler than normal for this area. I wish that I could pontificate as much as you guys, but I blame it on being raised under the guise of: If people already think you are an idiot - don't open your mouth to prove them correct!

WILLIE: My best to you today - I have my doubts that they let you go home the same day as they usually are a little worried about springing a leak?

I have to run at the moment I actually slept later than normal this morning.
For my health I have been feeling pretty good the last few days and seem to be getting a little stronger each day! I hope that it keeps up for I am tre of talking about it.
KARL - Very much congrats on the #4. It always makes me feel good to hear of success stories with offspring this day and age.

TROY - Prayers for your mom!

I'll be back after while!

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