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Gomez Addams
Staff member
Good morning. It's 70 and mostly sunny.
I have am appointment to morrow to get the truck taken cre of. Not looking forward to the experience, I'll probably hear again how I'm ruining my truck by not getting the fuel injection service, and this transmission repair could have been avoided if I had taken better care of my vehicle.


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My only question is this. How do you get that sucker to light? LOL
Mike you would have to be jonesing pretty bad to want to take a toak off a turkey. I'm going to put big ol Tom in my wood/charcoal smoker.

I'll have much better things to smoke ;) for me and my surviving, long time cohorts. We will toast and get toasted in remembrance of those we lost along the way. Some have become "tea tootlers" and non-smokers and that's cool, I'll have home made ice tea, lemonade and many other soft drinks, even many sugar free options! No peer pressure allowed on my property!

My second floor office/train room/play pen will be a very exclusive "speak easy" on the 4th where the adults (I use that term loosely) will be smoking cigars, camels and … other high quality … what not, but no turkeys! Those Bedouins in north Africa and the good ol boys "farming" in Kentucky are geniuses! No Mexican dirt weed for me and my crew! My huge Honeywell air purifier will get turned up to "high".

The 4th of July is the one and only day each year when I indulge in my old vises. If it kills me. I'm going out happy! It makes me feel good to know I can still party like a big dog and function as a gentlemen. Just don't ask me about the world cup, I might reply "f soccer!", as I have in the past, Others, may fall asleep in the "speak easy" but I never skip a beat. I suppose some things never change, thank God.


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Good morning Everybody!

I'm busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger, but I'm loving life!

I'll keep up with the coffee shop someday soon. In the mean time know I wish you all well.

Have a great day Everybody, God Bless You All!


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Good morning Everybody!

I'm busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger, but I'm loving life!

I'll keep up with the coffee shop someday soon. In the mean time know I wish you all well.

Have a great day Everybody, God Bless You All!
And all who sail in you.


Whiskey Merchant
Good morning. 52 degrees with an expected high in the mid 70's again.

Phil - 548.gif

Justin - More excellent photos. Thanks for posting.

Garry - Interesting photo. No, I do not have that vintage vehicle. Hope the grand kids enjoy.

Had a busy day at the club with a lot of tourists visiting Livingston and the museum. Next week is going to be busy at the museum with an art show going on and they request that we have the layout running on Tuesday from noon to 4 and then 7 to 9 PM. Then on Thursday fron noon until 6 PM. Don't think I can make it on Tuesday but will be there on Thursday.

Here are photos of the two yards on the layout. First is the east yard. This room used to be the old coal bunker.


The next is the main yard. Long trains can be parked here.


Garry - Here's one for you.


Lastly, clean up on track 4.




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Good Morning All. 70°, clear and sunny. Expecting 95° later today after only 91° yesterday. Start me off with some of Chet's bacon this morning Francine. The best laid plans just don't always work out, yesterday went completely awry right after I logged off here. Wife's knee started giving her problems, so the grocery/beer trek got postponed until today, not a big deal except the crowds are larger. Then the tractor repairman had to postpone yesterday's appointment until Monday, might have to have the neighbor bring down his hay mower by then. At least the doctor appointment went well. He, a dermatologist, scraped/removed two spots for biopsy and said the other ones were normal "age spots" and presented no danger.

Thanks for the likes and comments on my latest structure; Jerome, Patrick, Chet, Sherrel, Garry, Justin, Curt, Dave.

Out in the train shed, I added doors and windows and completed the Tire Shack structure. Surprisingly this kit either didn't come with clear styrene, or I misplaced it along the way. Of course like many long time modelers, I have far more extra than I will ever use anyway. Hint to newer modelers: Use the styrene blister packaging on Atlas switches for windows if needed.
06-27-19 009.JPG

Added roof details and signs from the detailing stash.
06-27-19 010.JPG

And placed it on the layout where I think that it will fit in an optimal location.
06-27-19 014.JPG

I'll work on the parking lot and other exterior details and landscaping this weekend since I cannot mow!
Meanwhile, besides continuing to add weeds and more coarse ground foam to the peninsula, I have been scouting locations for the next scenery project. I'm looking for some smaller projects to do before tackling another large one like the peninsula. It is going on hiatus for a bit as I continue to look for suitable structures to add to the blank plywood; as well as taking some time to build the laser-cut small factory that I pictured about a month ago.

Patrick - I won't have to be too concerned with the "active" lifestyle with my wife just yet. About six months after the left knee is replaced, she goes for the right one. I don't anticipate too much over-activity as she will be more than 70 years old by the time that recovery/rehab is done. Thanks for the warning though.
Johnny - I have a few additional progress pictures if you're interested in seeing more about the "kitbash".
Chet - I do believe that you're correct about it being the same building. I had an easier time cutting out these doors and windows than the fancy arched ones on the Masonic Lodge. Nice setting for your model. I may go back and open one of the doors; I only lightly glued them in as I foresaw future upgrading.
Sherrel - I also purchased 100 gallons of propane which gave me a slight edge!:rolleyes: Do you have any idea where that SLSF/ATSF picture was taken?
Garry - I like the whimsical scene. Is it temporary or permanent?
Louis - I hope that you survive the party.

Middle daughter's birthday today, I think that she'll be 38, gotta remember to call text her.
Everybody have a great day and an even greater weekend if they still apply!


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Good morning, 62 headed for 91.

Chet-- really nice layout shots

Terry-- I hope your tranny ends being something minor

Louis-- who would have thought a smokin turkey would have created such a buzz? :cool:

Willie-- I cant believe how quickly you completed the tire shack. Those roof details are sweet! Super job!

Todays photo is the NP drum and bugle corps, taken Feb 19, 1939. Must have been something really big to bring out the brass instruments in the middle of winter:

NP drum and bugle corps.PNG

Taylors Falls is just down the road from Wyoming, where a lot of my research has been done. Near where I grew up. There is no track to their presently, not even a trail.

more later, Dave


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Good morning everyone. 67 and sunny out there. Looks like I'll have to do the mowing this evening.

Willie - That tire shack is a great structure - came out real good. Nice work. Gives me the desire to try something similar. I have only "kitbashed" one small structure - last year - came out awful, so I am saving it for parts and pieces for future ventures.
Chet - I like those photos of the yards in your layout. Wish my yard was longer.

Sprayed the walls of the Five and Dime structure with DullCoat. That's about all I had time for last night. Got home a little late after a celebration at work for a retiring colleague. Mine may be soon???

Have a good day everyone.


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Morning all.

Pancakes with Blueberry syrup this morning with a large side of bacon.

Starting today it going to be a hot muggy weekend. Highs in the upper 90s with temps feeling like 103 to 110. yuck.

I'll finally be smoking a brisket tomorrow. I bought one on sale 2 weeks ago, but can use the electric smoker with rain...something about water and electricity....
Tossed the 13 pound brisket in the freezer and now their on sale for another dollar a pound cheaper. Go figure.


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Good morning. Already84 going back up into the 90's later with a chance of rain and/or TS.How can it be clear and sunny yet be so darn muggy???
Heat index low 100's later.
Wish all a safe day

In order to insult me, I must first value your opinion .. Nice try though.


"retired" conductor
Okay, everybody .... Are you ready to see my whimsical scene ?

Grandkids are coming so I added this scene. .... 101 Dalmatians, but I only had 15 dogs suitable for repainting to look like Dlamtions .... Oh well. .... Cruella Deville is way to big for HO scale, but .... oh, well....

Chet .... I suspect I finally have a vintage vehicle you do not have on your layout LOL .
Chet, I like your Cruella Deville, she looks like my first ex-wife!


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Howdy ...

Chet ..... Your club layout is extraordinary. The CB&Q U-boats look great. Thanks for comment on my whimsical scene with Cruella Deville.

WIllie ... It looks like you made quick work with he tire shack model. Nice ! ... Thanks for remarking on the whimsical scene with Cruella Deville. I think I will leave it there a while. Whimsical scenes get comments for visitors of all ages.

Dave LASM .... I like the historic photo. I see the arch windows on the old coaches.

Karl ... Uh oh.... Cruella reminded you of your first ex-wife. LOL

I have been working on scenery for my coal mine. Here is how it looks now. I have several ideas to do more.


PRR Modeler

Well-Known Member
Good Afternoon All,

When I was sitting down with my first cup of coffee this morning my wife asks me do you want to come with me to daughter's house to remove the carpet in eldest grandson's bedroom? Being married for 41 years I knew the answer was yes!:rolleyes: So that was my day's great being retired sometimes. I received a very quick reply from AMB (Laser Kit) that they would send it out ASAP. I have always been impressed with their customer service.:)

Chet- More nice club photos.

Willie- Nice looking building. I need that tire rack for the front of my gas station!:cool: Happy Birthday to your daughter.

Dave- Interesting historical photo.

Garry- Creative and funny scene with Cruella. I really like your mine scene.

I hope everyone has a good night.


Gomez Addams
Staff member
Good morning. It's sunny and 69.
The Colorado is at the stealership, where it will be until at least next Wednesday. They're trying to get me to trade for a new Silverado, and they keep dropping the price, trying to get me to say "yes". Currently, their offer is a $43,900 msrp model for $29,300. I'm currently driving it as a loaner. FWIW, the current offer of the Silverado is less than we paid for the Colorado.


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Good morning. 74* and hazy and clammy. Got the brake light fixed. Did some chores. MOH has a a shopping list made out so to beat the rain I'll leave soon and "GET 'ER DONE".
Hope y'all have good day.



"retired" conductor


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Terry ..... That looks like a good price. I bought mine maybe 30 years ago when I had a 1900 era layout. It is very smooth runner, and I have thought about converting it to DCC. Of course, an engine that small can't pull very many cars.

The end of the box does say "G series" without identifying the importer. The bottom of the locomotive says "Japan" without naming the manufacturer. If I was still modeling 1900 era, I would buy the one listed on eBay.

Below is mine posing on my layout. I applied the decals.

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