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I see many of you have gotten your Phase 2 stimulus checks. I haven't even bothered to see about ours, since our combined income disqualified us for the full $2400 amount last spring - only got half of that, several months after our kids and everybody else got theirs.
Ken- that is a nice problem to have! You must have earned over $150,000 as a couple, hope you did well saving for your future.

Texas Hobo

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Good Morning all. Cold front passing through today, turning cold this afternoon.

Garry - Thanks for the info on Running Bear. I joined after his passing and was unaware of the story.
.Guy - Fishing reports are good. Like some others have stated, it's the variety of topics that pass through here that make it interesting. We all have other interests and events and issues in our lives that we can share if so inclined. (Not politics though)
Boris - It really irks me though. The BLI locos looks so good, their details and when running work well. But they just don't seem to stand up to everyday use. I have a Trix F7 that is probably 45 years old, my first N scale loco and it still runs.
Willie - Some nice photos. The pizza looks like someone sat on the box :p
Everyone - Have a Happy New Year




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I reckon it's time for a check in seeing as I've been away the past two weeks. Hope everyone is having good holidays this year. Finally at the end of 2020! Crazy year as it's been. Good to see it leave. Enjoyed some snow on Christmas. Recieved a model railroader tool box which has already served me well. Fills in the gaps I've had in my toolbox. Started redoing the scenery on my layout. Actually had to measure and plan my scenery instead of just winging it like last time. Paper balls won't work this time. So I've had to take a different approach all together. Hopefully I can post an update in the new room coming up this weekend. Tomorrow is fully booked at the moment but with some luck I can manage to work on the layout some. Tonight will see so cutting. Tomorrow night hopefully I'll be gluing. So here's to a new year guys! Yall be safe and I'll see you next year!


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That MU lashup looks like an intercity long distance makeup?
Sherrel: Technically, New York - Newark and Trenton is Intercity, although only about 60 miles distant, which technically defines it as a local operation, (Under 100 Miles). Most of the riders are regular daily riders traveling with discounted monthly tickets, which defines the train as a Commuter train. Typical of the Northeast Corridor, which is now defined as Brunswick, ME and Lynchburg and Newport News/Norfolk, VA. Call it what you want. You have similar parallels in Calicopia where you live.

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Afternoon All,

Just back from Mom and Dad's delivering their schnitzel. Nothing much else going on. I will wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR since I won't be here tomorrow.

Tom- Nice weathering job.

Sherrel- That's sad news. We use Turbo Tax and have for years.

IB Ken- You look like me liking straight back chairs for sitting.

Garry- I haven't forgotten. There will be a location on my layout named after him, Eric White and a local modeler that I knew.

Toot- Beautiful vehicle.

Patrick- Very cool. Sci-Fi is my favorite literature also.

Willie- I agree Mary Ann was a very pretty girl.

Dave LASM- Nice layout shot.

Joe- Thanks for all the great photos this year.

I hope everyone has a good and safe night.

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Just come from the operating room. Son of a biscuit but those are some small parts and wires. The procedure was successful and the Kato FEF-3 is now operating on DCC. That was a first for me as I usually buy locos with DCC on board. I really thought I had screwed up when the wire broke off the contact.


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I am getting tired of this slow steady drizzle and the 35° temperature that hasn't really budged since 7:00 last night. Weather geeks are calling for a slow warming trend up to 37° by 10:00 tonight.
Seems like many are anxious to leave 2020 behind. It hasn't been a good year for many, but other than losing a young niece to Covid, it wasn't particularly bad for me. The isolated holidays were a drag, Easter, July 4, Thanksgiving and Christmas; but we live a somewhat isolated existence out here in the boonies for the most part all of the time. I hate the damn mask as it leaves a crease in my beard and occasionally causes my glasses to fog up; but I would rather believe that I am being safe rather than sorry.
I got many projects completed in the train shed and had a successful garden this past spring. Despite the terrible month of March, my retirement account actually grew by a bit over 3% and I didn't need to withdraw anything. Kind of nice when I only have 15% invested in equities and the rest in money market. I only wish that I had invested another 10% or so in equities though. Then 23 of 24 candidates that I voted for in November won their races, my best percentage ever, not counting run-offs.
Still though, I am looking forward to the new year and gaining another year on earth.
So, what's my resolution for the new year? I need to learn to take better photos. Either that or buy a different camera!

Looking back to January, here is the first major modeling project from 2020, Majestic Hardware & Feed in Budville. It is a laser cut wood kit from Bar Mills. These are under construction shots since I changed computers in November and can't readily find stuff any more.
01-10-20 002.JPG
01-10-20 001.JPG
01-10-20 005.JPG

A minor project completed that month was adding the sunflowers and daffodils to the front flowerbed and corn plants to the garden at a house in Vernon.
01-01-20 003.JPG
01-01-20 004.JPG

Enjoy your New Years Eve. I'll be enjoying plenty of cold brew, but I won't see midnight here; I haven't in over 40 years. Good thing also is that you won't see me on the road tonight, and I probably never have been on the road on New Years Eve. Could be why I am still alive!


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Good Afternoon Gentlemen
Still cant keep up with all the posts but I should be off for at least a week, that will help. I did read that Sherrel hasnt had any rain and I think thats because he cursed God our governor.
Willie, indeed it has been a bad year and there's no guarantee 2021 wont be any better. More deaths of friends and a couple family members than in the last 10 years and none from C-19 that we know of. Otherwise life here hasnt changed much, except going to work, I like my hermit lifestyle.
I did get a bit more done on the sugar silos. The silo is 6" PVC, the roof is made from a manila folder and the dome thingies that connect the transfer auger are 3/4" pvc end caps. Nothing nailed down yet cuz there is much more to do, not sure I am happy with the color or plain outer covering on the silos. Couple of pics for comparison. The silos are 116' in diameter and 84' high!! Mine are not quite scale.
Screenshot (48).png
Unon sugar NE.jpg

Happy New Year to all
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