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What he said - ditto from me! I don't know how I missed seeing that in your earlier post. I asked my wife [an M.D.] about your symptoms and she says it might be atrial fibriliation, a condition that - if left untreated - could potentially cause a stroke.

Actually, it's tachycardia (racing heart) what I'm told - which may be near about the same stuff.
Probably blockage and a cardiologist would have a hey-day with me.
I'm told its congenital. Mom had (but never told me). Dad has it and only recently told to whit I jumped in his craw about any other stuff I might need to know about.


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What a true pleasure it was to have him here.
What a real treat!!!!
I expect this to be a long friendship and we have already made plans for more visits.
He is A #1 on my notch.

Carey is the ultimate in helping a fellow model railroader. I can sure vouch for that!
I look forward to our next visit - beit back in here in my house or over at his house. I'll take a bus if I have to.
He showed me all kinds of little things to watch for - most of which he fixed today without a thought.

There is a new true friend in my book. When he was departing we hugged. Maybe that's a Southern thing but it is well taken to heart.
Yes hes awesome , ask about my B&O EM1 i sent him to look at
Im glad i sent it to him


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Actually, it's tachycardia (racing heart) what I'm told - which may be near about the same stuff.
Probably blockage and a cardiologist would have a hey-day with me.
I'm told its congenital. Mom had (but never told me). Dad has it and only recently told to whit I jumped in his craw about any other stuff I might need to know about.
funny how family leaves out important thing that need to be known


"retired" conductor
Are we gonna need our own forum specialist/practitioner? ;):D

Hiya gang!!

Is this the Readers Digest edition of the forum???? ;)

Eric, you need to get the ticker under control before you have a stroke! I've already had one! (We are the same age ya know!) True, I have mostly recovered, but my right side is still a little slower than the right, so when I run I run in's embarrassing I tell you!! :rolleyes: Seriously, it was no fun, and it took months before I could get back to work!

Speaking of work, in addition to my eBay stuff(more new stuff coming!) and working on stuff for other folks, I recently bought a brass Western Maryland H9 that someone had decorated for a private road.


In addition to a fried motor, I found it had way too much weight in the shell, when you remove the shell, half the wheels would leave the rail. Turns out the frame was twisted and fractured. :mad: Glad I didn't pay too much for it. So a complete teardown was in order. now after straightening the frame and soldering the fracture back together, things are looking up. Next step, replace the springs in the suspension, they are a little,,,,,uh,,,,flat!
Brass 280 overhaul 001 - show fracture.jpg

Now it is fixed and sits flat on plate glass!

Brass 280 overhaul 003 - zoom1.jpg

Nascar on soon....time for a nap!!!:cool:



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I really enjoyed this mornings post here. I have been out in the shop working on my '59 Impala and have been getting everything on taptalk.

It's great that Ed and Carey got together. I'm sure that it will be a big help for Ed. By the way Ed, you gotta take care of yourself.

Carey made a very good points about teaching. I have been constantly learning when it come to model railroading. A big inspiration to me was John Allen, whos layout I had the opportunity to had operated on in the late 60's. Another modeler up here in Montana was a big help to me. The late Pete Ellis, who also had visited Johns layout in California and he also incorporated a lot of Johns ideas into his layout. He unfortunately passed away a number of years back, but what I learned from him was a big help.

Years ago I met and made friends with a group of model railroaders in Missouri and it has been a lasting friendship. A few of them have excellent large layouts and also belong to a large club with an outstanding layout. While on my road trips for NASCAR races, I always set aside a few days for a pass through visit when ever possible. I learned a lot from them and also have been able to pass on information to them. The last trip through I brought them a large stash of sage brush and have seen pictures of the improvement thier new trees have made to their layouts.

I had communicated with Garry and hopefully can get by to pay him a visit some time in the future. Talledega Motor Speedway is one of my favorite tracks and we were hoping to put it on our list to tracks to visit this year. That could be an interesting trip. Visit friends in Missouri, stop by and see Garry and maybe have a visit with Carey being that we'll be in his back yard. Scheduling may be the only problem for us though. We are signed up for three national bowling tournaments this summer so this could be a problem. I am ready for a road trip or two, or three, or four. I just took the cover off of the Impala this morning and got it all detailed and ready for the road.

This hobby is a continuing learning process. That why I like this forum. I hopefully have been able to help some prople plus I have seen many new ideas come up on the forum. I have seen so many questions pop up and in almost all cases solutiions for problems have been offered and problems solved. Too bad the internet wasn't around years ago when I started my present layout.

I think we have a great bunch of people here and I really enjoy them all.

Time to get lunch and get ready for todays NASCAR race. I will be on Taptalk so be nice to me.

Milwaukee Road 113

Milwaukee Road addict...
Who's shouting...??...sorry, forgot the earplugs!

I'm really enjoying this N&W book, found a new fondness of those 4-8-0's and 2-6-6-2's, if one could go back in time for a day, well a few, to ride those branchlines, spend a day at the Boaz Siding and the Blue Ridge depot, watching the action...


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Good afternoon. It's partly sunny and 65.
Over the last several weeks, I came across a deal that might be right up Louis' alley. Through some horse trading, I ended up with a Lionel 6-8-6 Super Turbine with smoke and whistle tender, as well as some other assorted Lionel freight cars. I had initially planned on getting an oval of track and a transformer, and use it around the tree next Christmas, but my dog pretty much shot that idea down when I turned the thing on, and she peed all over the floor and tried to hide under the couch.
It does run well, though the E unit seems a bit sticky, and one of the power pickup wires for the tender has broken off. The wire looks like an easy fix, and the E unit probably just has some trash on it to keep it from working reliably.
For those of us that are tinplate aficionados, the engine is a #681, and the tender is a 0654W.
I thought I'd run it by everybody here before peddling it in the for sale section or Ebay.


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Sorry, I was on the phone with an Ed while the post was being done. I don't walk and chew gum either.


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I'm starving! Didn't eat yesterday with all the excitement and now 2 walks to the grocery store.
Just ordered a pizza. Don't feel like cooking today - at least not yet.
I did put a rib-eye in the teriyaki marinade earlier. Might just leave it there for a day or 2. Good stuff!


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Who the f... is Ed? My name is Eric.

If Eric is Big E; Ed is Little E. .... LOL

Chet .... It would be fantastic if your schedule works well. At one time Carey was thinking of coming up here, but his health interrupted that trip.

Eric ... Heart Rhythm problems can become fatal. .... Use caution. At least call your doctor about your latest problem.


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Good afternoon everybody!

I finally built my little HO bench work! It's only 4'X5' but it's more room then my HO trains had on my O gauge layout and now I can expand my O gauge trains into the space that was being taken up with the HO track.

Next is to build a little 3'X4' layout for my N scale trains.

I really surprised myself and here I had been thinking my get up and go had got up and went! My grandson and I went to the grocery store, then to Home Depot to buy the lumber. We have just now finished. He will only be 6 in May but my little man is a first rate helper!

BigE you better take care of yourself, you can ignore your health, but it won't ignore you. If not for yourself, think of us, what would we do without you!

Terry I would have been interested if it were a diesel, but I have more then enough steam engines. Thank you just the same for thinking of me.

I doubt you will have any trouble selling it on eBay, but you probably already knew that.


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So my first railfanning adventure back here in West Virginia led me to good ole Thurmond, WV. Got some pics of my visit.

A shot of the backside of the station.

I had to get a shot of the old signals on the platform.

A shot of the old coaling station.

The bridge coming across the new river. Which judging by the sign in front of it the trackage rights belong to RJ Corman. Found two of their units sitting on the tracks a few miles down the road. I really wish I could have gotten some shots of them and the two CSX coal drags that came through. It was a very interesting trip.


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That'll teach me to eat a lot in the middle of the day. Ate half that large pizza and fell right asleep around 1700 hours. Now I'll likely be up most of the night.


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chessie_system3, What is Thurmond's claim to fame? Seems a very large and well kept station building for such a sparsely populated area (Did a Google Earth search). That bridge is a very old structure and apparently quite remote. One-way only vehicle traffic too?

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