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Continuing with O'Neill's: Working on the oil tank platform now, but I decided to see what everything was going to look like. It's all just sitting in place and some things aren't quite where they should be but it gives you the idea! now I have to start finding all of that scenery material I have squirreled away!

Mock Up.JPG


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It's bedtime now, I'll be sleeping on the couch tonight so I can be vertical and prevent any stomach acid from leaking into the esophagus and causing major discomfort when I wake up!
You could try the Dracula position. It will all puddle on the floor, so don't forget a bucket to catch it. I guess what collects in the nose could be a bit disagreeable in the morning though.


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Morning all,

Time for a cup this morning.

Almost thought I was back east...had a train though town with 6 black NS engines on BNSF trackage. The tail end had 2 NS and a BNSF engine. It is just the first time I'd seen that many NS in a row.

More yard work awaits...bbl.


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Good morning, everybody ....

We had a good evening Friday celebrating my wife's birthday in Nashville. Good food at a very nice restaurant and staying overnight at a very good hotel with champagne in our room.

Glancing at your posts, it is good to see everybody is busy with good stuff.



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Good Morning All. Quite foggy and 47°, headed up to the lower 80's for the next three days before thunderstorms starting Tuesday night. The current "let's throw a dart" forecast is for 3" of rain Wednesday and Thursday. Outside, I can see the easement road 150' away, but not our main county road 200' away!

OK Flo, Sherrel shamed me into ordering your pigs in a blanket for breakfast this morning. I'll take a half dozen along with a tall glass of OJ.

Thanks to all who liked the old layout pictures yesterday, or maybe it was the flooded yard and driveway ones? Anyway, thanks; Guy, Karl, Hughie, Rick, Chad, Greg, Tom, Joe, Ken, Garry, Justin, Gary.

I did some various small project things in the train shed. I took the school bus in Vernon off the layout for cleaning, and decided to add a driver.

After sifting through figures, I came across a gentleman that I had to do surgery on in order to make him fit.


Of course, when putting that bus back into the same position, one cannot see the driver. So I reversed it and backed it up a bit around the turn in the road do this is the view now.


So while on the subject of figures, here is the backlog of unfinished figures on my workbench.

The blocks drawn out remind me what needs touching up or what color is planned.
Meanwhile over in Rycon Township, I added some of the recently made trees.

This is to be a transitional area between Mick's Food Mart, out of view on the right, and the rural area on the left which is actually on the outskirts of Charlottesville further south (left). I'll next be adding woodsy litter, tree stumps and felled branches

Sherrel -
flying through rain so heavy that I actually wondered how the engines kept from flaming out!
That's a discomforting thought coming from an ex-pilot!:eek:
Patrick - You must have gotten your home internet connection upgraded. I see you visiting on weekends and vacation now!
Ken - Good luck going forward with your medical issues.

Everybody have a great and peaceful Sunday. Prayers continue to go out for all forum members and their families dealing with medical issues. Hope to see Curt back soon.

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Good Morning all! A really nice morning, a cool breeze while walking the dog. We are awaiting a visit from our son and d-i-l, their first since the pandemic. Everyone now has their shots.
I was playing with the zoom lens on my phone. It takes an interesting picture.



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Interesting weekend. Saw a flock of pelicans on one of the many quarry lakes in our areas. Turns out pelicans are quite common in the Rockies, like the ever-present sea gulls we see everywhere.

Go figure.

IronBeltKen said:
It's bedtime now, I'll be sleeping on the couch tonight so I can be vertical and prevent any stomach acid from leaking into the esophagus and causing major discomfort when I wake up!

Might want to try putting blocks under the head of your bead to incline it. Also might want to ask your practitioner about acid blockers and other treatment regimens for esophageal reflux.


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The oil tank and platform are coming along. I have to attach the styrene bracing, and do a little additional weathering. I textured the large timbers with a razor saw blade in addition to the wire brushing. The oil tank, which is a large resin casting, painted up pretty easily. There is a little bleed under, which I think is unavoidable when using a rattle can. I probably could have done better with an airbrush, and if you have one and are good with it I'd probably recommend trying it, but that's the perfectionist in me. This photo is enlarged quite a bit and what's actually there isn't that big of a deal really. It will likely be hidden by weathering.
Oil tank and platform.JPG
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It's bedtime now, I'll be sleeping on the couch tonight so I can be vertical and prevent any stomach acid from leaking into the esophagus and causing major discomfort when I wake up!

One word: Prilosec! Take it from a long time sufferer. If I get stupid with red sauce or hot salsa (as in eating stupidly large amounts of it) I'll still have issues, but for a normal diet it works great and is over the counter.
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Good Morning.
24°F this morning in the sunshine, so I suppose it's warm enough to edge the front lawn. That's what I'm doing today.

I plan on working on the boat project a little bit every day. Even if a fella can get 10 minutes of time into a project every day, things get done.
This morning, I filled in a few spaces with .30 plastic card that will support a cabin. Plus, I'm trying to come up with a logical plan to proceed without making a mess of things. The photo shows pretty well all of the parts that I will be using from the original kit:
04-25-2021 (1).JPG

And just for another photo that might interest some, here is what a truck weigh scale located at a remote site looks like:

Anyway, it's just a short fly-by today; just letting you know I'm still alive and kicking. I need to get outside and get edging. The neighbors have already done it, and they're making me look bad.

Have a good one!


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Just coffee for me this morning, FLO, I'm still fighting with the Spousal Unit's sink in her "office".
I'm on the fourth attempt - actually think I may have a winner this time.
We will see - I ditched the rubber washer and used a BIG glob of plumber's putty - then after that I tightened it down as much as I could - then ran a thin bead of aquarium silicone, trying to NOT make a mess of the silicone as I usually do! The prior attempted fix had lasted 6 months, but I had used a white calking on the black sink and the missus continuously complained about it not being up to my usual work. I still have not figured out why it started to drip again?

It's Sunday, and because the church is just starting to let folks back in -- so I will say an additional prayer for those with all sorts of trials and tribulations.

Tha Spousal Unit will be returning home from her sister's and MIL's house tomorrow and I am looking forward to that.
(ANOTHER SENIOR MOMENT -- started this 3 hours back and forgot to click 'Post Reply')

As of this time the 4th repair on the sink seems to be holding - not a single drop(so far).

Going to pack up the pups and head out to the MIL's to let them have free reign for a while.
Presently 65 degrees with variable clouds - mostly clear sunny at this time!
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