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There are two good results from our cancelled cruise. The first is the compensatory credit which, combined with the money already paid, gives us a cruise twice as long in a far better stateroom. The second, less obvious, is that, in preparation for the cruise, we got much shorter haircuts only a few days before things went to hell; my hair is now back to normal length and it'll be another month before I have to worry about visiting my barber. See? There's an upside to everything.

Easter dinner:



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Patrick: Nice work on the control panel. might be forced to "borrow" from your idea, as my original idea isn't working out as I planned.

Borrow away! I used 1/2" plywood I had laying around. Ok it was the last of the full sheet I bought when I built the grandson's layout table. I'd also used some of it for the chessboard I posted previously. The shelf portion is 11.5" wide by 24" in length. The 2 wedge parts were 3.5" tall by 12" on the long side. The angle portion is 12" x 18". I placed a 11/8" hole on the shelf side for the wires to run from the controllers to the switches and a larger hole in the bottom so I can get my large hands to get the wires from the bench work to the controls as I didn't want to cut the bench work.

If you need any additional pics let me know.

Easter dinner:

Not gonna like it, nor am I gonna repost in the reply....


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Good Morning Everyone.....sunny here in Wisconsin.

Thanks everyone for the kind comments on my Med History. Things can always be worst.

Planning to head to the train room later after lunch. My order from All Electronics and HobbyInc. both arrived. The wire cutter I ordered is a bit too large for my modeling work so I'll order another smaller cutter. Finished detailing and weathering five more ore cars and managed to drop a half full jar of Rail Brown paint that covered me, my new hand held vacuum and the plastic carpet protector under my chair. It's amazing how paint sticks to items that you don't want the paint to attach itself to and then have to clean it up.

Today, I'm changing direction and going to work on different projects other than ore cars.

I'm getting out bid on the MILW box cars and I'm not sure how far I'll go with my highest bid.

That's about all to report for today.




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Morning fellow shut ins! It's still overcast, low clouds, and misting rain which was irritating as it was not enough to really be called rain, but would get your clothes damp just walking from a parking lot to a store. However, I am glad that I have "No Ice To Break"!

Glad to see the photos and posts this morning ... always read them all ... even though I may not comment on each one. FLO - have MEL make up one of his garbage omelets for me this morning with some sourdough toast - just coffee to wash it down with, please.

I didn't make it to the store yesterday - down to my last three pods for the coffee machine and last night I gave the pups part of my steak cut up for spicing up their food. Instead of the store trip, I took them out for a while to the MIL's place where MOH has been on duty for a week today. The sisters are trying to practice "distancing" with longer periods of caregiving and not have the normal coming and going.

I had better start moving - The Spousal Unit will be showing up in a couple hours and I have quite a mess to clean up and vacuum everything. The sun is trying it's best to peek through; its not been seen in the last 5 days?


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Good morning.....Went from rain to snow to sun. A week ago they gave the long range for April saying above normal temps for the month. Last I seen till the 23 of the month was rain and in the 40's which is normal and below. Should been a weatherman,you can screw up and blame mother nature for it.

Willie- I'll have to admit it it wasn't for the taxes this is a nice place to live. We don't get some of the bad weather that other parts of the country experience.


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Forgot to add to my earlier post that yesterday when working on the ore cars, I was working on a couple of Walther's ore cars patched for the C&NW. The white C&NW is painted on a black field. A simple wipe of a wet towel removed some of the patch's black field. Today, I'll just add some surface rust to hide the flaw, but whatever they used for the black isn't very durable.

To create heavy rusted areas, I first touch the areas with either white or canopy glue and then add some AIM's (Monroe) rust weathering power which attaches to the glue and dries securely to the model. It really looks realistic. This is the fun part of weathering and no DullCote is necessary.

What do you think a BB box car equipped with Kadee couplers and wheel-sets is worth on the open market?

Snow flurries outside right now!!!

Later friends....



IMG_0464 (1).JPG

Pre-weathered ore and Taconite cars on the CM&N.


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Man I'm so far behind on here. I do hope everyone is doing well. So my grab iron project got put on hold. Apparently it is above my skill level. It was a disaster from the start. So I moved on to a different project. Worked on ballasting my track. This is the one project that I call a necessary evil. I cant stand ballasting track. It's just tedious. Getting it in place and then spraying alcohol on it. Then adding glue. Adding more ballast in bare places.....etc. Needless to say not one of my favorite things to do. However it's been my hold up. So may as well get it done and over with. May be making a track change. I plan to add in some more trackage by the yard. I haven't fully decided on that yet. I do have an interesting photo to share that I have stumbled on. An early CSX later Conrail pic from Rainelle, WV.

Hard to believe that this open field is now property of the US Army. The reserve center is located there now. Ofcourse the engine house is now gone. Atleast I had the opportunity to see it in person before they tore it down.


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Greg- I've seen BB cars go for $10-15 on average at train shows.


There is a guy on FB that's selling at normal BB prices between 5 and 8 bucks. I have bought 12 cars from him thus far in the last 2 weeks. His name is Scott Love. He runs his business off HO scale Buy, Sell, and Trade (BST) on FB. Great to work with.

Tell him James Rowland referred you to him please ;)


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Hello everyone, been a while since I ever came here. I hope all of you are taking good care and are working on your railroads. I'm like everyone, staying home and keeping my distances, therefore, plenty of time to continue working on my layout. I took a break and decided to take a few pictures, so here are some of them, enjoy.

PS. It's snowing/raining and 1C or 35F at 3PM.

2020-04-08 15-23-16-1.jpg

2020-04-08 15-27-09 (B,Radius18,Smoothing10).jpg

2020-04-08 15-27-43 (B,Radius18,Smoothing10).jpg

2020-04-08 15-29-19 (B,Radius18,Smoothing10).jpg

2020-04-08 15-30-20 (B,Radius18,Smoothing10).jpg

Take care everyone.


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LLOYD -- A work of art like everything you do! The standout there is the old automobile in the field ... masterful :)

P.S. I think maybe that you have mastered the static grass application as well?
It's nice to see you posting back here .. don't be a stranger so much!
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Afternoon All,

Got up this morning with a scratchy throat and a runny nose. I'm feeling slightly better. I usually get these when the grandkids are here for extended periods of time for some reason. It lasts a couple of days then it's gone. Started out with some chores then based on what Bob (admin) posted I went back to the layout plan and was able to make PECO #5's work for everything and several #6's in different areas. I also finished the 3 miner's cabins from AMB. I'll do the final weathering tomorrow and take a picture. I was told my Walthers order would be in on Monday. I ordered 4 Cornerstone buildings and some Woodland Scenics Inclines and risers. I received a second PSX-AR in the mail today.

Lloyd- Excellent layout photos.

Terry- Prayers for your great nephew.

Joe- Nice scenery in the photos.

Chet- True about the length of the runs but the mainline radius will be much better allowing large steam that I couldn't do before.

Chad- We do the same for our daughter.

Bob(admin)- Thank you for checking on that and I have made the necessary changes.

Louis- Nice looking Lionel trains.

Willie- Nice photos. That building has a lot of potential and has a nice appearance.

Joe- Nice photo. A suggestion for under layout wiring is a medical grade shower chair with adjustable legs. I used one for the wall outlet changeover and it was a life saver on my knees and back.

Sherrel- Measure it carefully? :p

Greg- Nice looking ore cars.

Justin- Nice photo and good to seeing you posting.

I hope everyone has a good night.
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