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Gomez Addams
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Good morning. It's cloudy and 51.
I was playing with my phone this morning, and decided to see if my phone could take still photos. This is my back yard, the building at the far end of the area is the only tool shed I've ever seen with a cellar.



Beach Bum
Greetings from the Quarantine State! Today, is delightfully sunny, perfect for staying home and isolating :rolleyes: Good possibility that I will go out back and do some yard work, later, once it warms up. Yesterday, I performed lawn mower maintenance, then cut the grass, (and weeds), for the first time this season. The exercise did me good.

Willie: The loading dock turned out well, The short section of railing is difficult, but you will get it.

Kjd and Ray: Nice photos.

PC GG1 Leaving Day Tower Sept 1974.jpg

Eastward departing Enola in 1974


Curse You, Red Baron!
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Morning from out here! FLO - have MEL make me a Yoougeee egg, cheese, and sausage burrito this morning and throw a handful of bacon on the plate too! MEL's the BEST !!

Let's see - It's April 5th and we will be under a Winter Storm Warning this evening with snow levels down to 3500 feet and they are predicting over a foot of snow in the higher elevations. We are expecting four days of rain with, let's see, 2 and a half inches here in the semi-desert. I must remember to sit my bucket out today so I can see an approximate rainfall total. Everything is really growing and green which will add to the brush for the coming fire season later in the year - lol.
Willie: That structure really is a nice addition to your layout - great job! The loading dock looks so much better than that ramp.
IB Ken, That is good news on your wife's test. Let us hope that she stays "clean"?
JOE - Another very goof photo of a dulie GG consist. Was maintaining the overhead wire really maintenance-heavy?

Excuse me - I didn't make any notes - and I have to go back and review last evening and this morning's postings. I cannot remember everything I want to comment on, however - at the risk of starting a firestorm - I am in favor of teleconferencing with the doctors for the most part. With my two aneurysm surgeries at two different hospitals, hernia surgery and cancer surgery at another chemo treatment at another, and CT and MRI scans, and all the driving 40 min to 1:40 over the past 5 years just so the doctors' could tell me that everything looks good -- bring it on!
Honestly, I have reached the point that I don't care what happens - I am tired of doctors! Sure, I have lived an additional 5 years - but my body has definitely gone downhill - partly due to age I realize, but I am nowhere near the health and strength of my father whose heart finally gave out at 90.
Sorry, Rant Over!


Whiskey Merchant
Good morning. Another boring day I am assuming. The wife went to town early yesterday to do the weekly grocery shopping. Not many people were out and with a few exceptions, the shelves were well stocked, but that was right after the stores opened.

Willie - That is a beautiful build. Your attention to detail is exceptional.

Hughie - Sweet photo. I have to remind myself that you are working in N scale some times. Like those Alcos.

Tom - Nice looking hoppers. I did pretty well the same thing when I was custom painting and weathering freight cars years back. Assembly line work.

- Living in a rural area we got a generator years ago and it has come in handy quite a lot. We have it set up to automatically come on line if the power is out for more than a few seconds. I get my fuel from a service station that has premium fuel WITHOUT any ethanol. For my old cars that have not had any valve work done on them I get fuel for them at the airport as they do have a low lead fuel. AvGas is also a higher octane.

Joe - Really like those B&O photos, especially the F units. You can post as many GG-1 photos as you please. I can understand your feelings about telehealth. I have been going to the same doctor for over 20 years. He now limits his time in the office working more with administration with the hospital (the only one in the area) but he does stick with his old patients which I enjoy. He thinks nothing about having long conversations. Great guy.

- That tire is quite the addition to that F unit. Great video. Love those Alcos. Ain't nothing else that sounds like them. Some of those PA's are putting out as much smoke as a steam locomotive.

- Good to hear that your test was negative. I haven't tested and probably won't.

kjd - Nice photo.

Ray - Appreciate the additional info on the Santa Fe units.

Terry - That is an excellent phone photo.

Haven't run trains much lately. Sounds like something good to do to pass the time.

Here are a few photos before I go. Notice the Studebakers on either side.



For you IBKen.

thumbnail_FB_IMG_1585045642122 (2).jpg




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Is there an appropriate place to share prototype photos?

That was a cool picture. Thanks for posting it! As was mentioned, people seem to be posting them here. I appreciate and like to look at them -- my main focus personally is Japanese trains and European (mainly German/Swiss/Austrian and border countries) and I don't know a lot about US based trains, since I have little personal connection to them, and so I like to see the ones posted here, so that I can learn more.

Texas Hobo

Well Known Hobo
Good afternoon all. Another nice day. I'm kinda peeved though, nice weather, cheap gas ($1.50 per gal.) and a brand new SUV all ruined by stay at home orders. I hope everyone gets and understands the need for these orders. Thank you for the many likes on the photos. Montanan, after your comment I had to go back and look at the photo. Your right, not a lot there to give away scale. Might be the camera.
Hope everyone stays safe and apart.


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More info on the Swiss cargo train that was in the accident a few days ago with the bridge in S Germany.


PRR Modeler

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Afternoon All,

Started out with some chores then finished up the truck coal dump and broke out the next kit. All I did to the new kit was apply A&I and left everything to dry. Since they will be used for coal miners they will be poorly maintained.

Hughie- Nice layout shot.

Ken- Great news.

Terry- Beautiful yard.

Joe- Another nice GG1 photo.

Paul- Good luck with the lessons. I still remember when I taught my daughter...shudder:p

Toot- Interesting photos.

Willie- Nice job on the platform.

Sherrel- Hang in there buddy, you have a lot of friends here. Nice video.

Beady- Interesting plane photo.

Chet- Great photos especially the streamlined K4s.

I hope everyone has a good night.


Curse You, Red Baron!
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Sherrel- Hang in there buddy, you have a lot of friends here. Nice video

KUDOS to everyone on the forum ... Sometimes I think you are the only reason I hang around!
First thing I do in the morning is get myself a cup of coffee from the Keurig and play with the dogs.
Second thing I do in the morning is check-in with the Coffee Shop and read all the Posts.
The Spousal Unit usually sleeps in a couple hours after I awake, but I turn in a couple hours before she does.
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