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Beach Bum
Was maintaining the overhead wire really maintenance-heavy?
Sherrel: Considering that there was hardly any maintenance during the Penn Central era, I don't think so. ;) But when something went wrong and the wires did come down, those linemen earned their pay.

I have been going to the same doctor for over 20 years
Chet: I've been going to the same practice here for at least 30 years, my current Primary's dad was my first Doc there. Over all, I stick with them because they meet my needs. But occasionally the office staff leave a little to be desired. [Which is why I ended up going to a quick care when I had what turned out to be Pneumonia]. What set me off, was they wanted to change my appointment from an early office visit to a tele-health appointment 45 minutes later in the morning. They didn't offer me the alternative of rescheduling the office visit to a later presumably safer time frame. So I accepted the tele-health appointment, then cancelled it two days later. Guess it still bothers me a bit, but changing isn't all that great either.

QUOTE="santafewillie, post: 477791, member: 3237"] I got it for $0.49 last week. [/QUOTE]

Willie: Still $2.07 regular here, both at Quik Chek and Wawa.. Don't expect it to get any better, although even at that price, no body's at the pumps.
State tax revenue is way down. They even cancelled the Homestead rebate credit due to budgetary concerns...Last count 205 cases in our township. Just over the County Line in Lakewood they have 694.
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Unfortunately our gas around here has barely moved. Cheapest I have seen is $2.15 at a Murphy Express and the other "normal ones" are all mid $2.2x. I saw someone post in a local FB group a $1.65 price and I think it was at Sam's Club, but I don't shop there. (I use the ethanol free gas so pay a bit more than the normal "regular" but track the "regular" price as most ethanol free is some set amount above that at most places).


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Good Afternoon Gentlemen
Raining and 42* here in northern CA where gas is still 2.89. Last count we had 31 cases of C-19 and 1 death here in Nevada Co.
I reached a milestone on my little railroad yesterday, I ran 2 trains at the same time! The F7 Daylight ran south and the 2-8-0 ran north with no issues. Still no buildings up and it might be awhile as I'm in cheapskate mode due to the uncertain direction of our economy. Also poured 1,296 scale cu yards of concrete at the future sugar mill site and started imbedding the rails in one area.. I want to go on record of "liking" almost everything I see on this site without having to click on that tiny little thumb as it appears on my iPhone 4S as its right under the crack in the screen! I am still truly amazed at the fine work I see here. About the time this C-19 stuff starts diminishing, it will be time for our fires and power shutoffs up here. I'm just going to work in the trainroom with an adult beverage and wait for an asteroid...……………….A couple pics of my limited progress.

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Gomez Addams
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I'm going to look at the bright side here. I'm only missing four days' work this week. The business is closed for Good Friday.
Allegedly the owners have reconsidered their decision to not pay us, I'll find out for sure when I go Thursday to pick up my paycheck.


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I realize that this is going out on a limb concerning our policy ... but, just maybe, the politicians and all government employees - State and Federal - should take a pay reduction until things settle down.
I see your point however when there's a water break or a sewer pump goes bad people want it fixed no matter the time of day or the weather. Some can't deal without TP now you can't flush. I'd like to see how that goes over.


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Good morning.... 30 with moon lit sky,2 cats and a dog feeling the effects of it.
James- The WNY end isn't much better on gas $2.43 was the best yet, the reservation is $1.75. They always give the excuse that we are at the "end of the pipeline", what about the ones that are not, and are cheaper. Trucking cost more.


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Morning all. 28 here in not so sunny WI. Got some yard work done this weekend, getting rid of dead stuff etc, and grilled the first burgers & dogs of the season. Now all those muscles didn't use over the winter are telling me about it.

For those interested I got some more work done on the SPHTS TOFC Flat I've been working on. This thing has fought me very step of the way. Instructions below par, parts fit up, meh. The rub rails were the worst, requiring that the notches for the stake pockets be trimmed so they'd fit. I discovered this after gluing 32 stake pockets in place, so trim the notches without breaking anything. Details for installing the brake gear are non existent, so I'm hoping one of my assembled Red Caboose flats will yield a clue here. It's going to make into a pretty car but will be a very delicate model. I have to tell you, I tend to profanity. I've had professional training in profanity. This kit has caused several long retired words to be called back into service. I've done resin kits that were easier. Luckily, no small children enhanced their vocabulary on my account.




I dug out some SP Intermodal equipment and am looking at how things will fit. The small 24 ft. early round nose trailer sitting on the ground with no wheels or running gear yet is also an SPHTS kit. Some of the same issues, poor instructions. Better parts fit than the flat car though. Two trailers in a kit, painted. An Athearn Mack B-61 with a CMW 32 ft. Aerovan; to its right is the little Athearn trailer. I have a blue box of six of these with the price I paid at the time: $7.95. Doesn't that just make you sick? Behind it is a Wally 32 footer, and to it's left is the Athearn trailer that came with the Mack tractor. $26.98 for the Mack tractor/trailer. Saw one on e-Bay for $80.00 OBO. The loss of the Athearn Macks was a heavy blow, but I won't get started on that! It's a multi-beer discussion.

SP Trailers.JPG


Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Morning All. 59° and cloudy skies; should reach 75° later today, 85° tomorrow.

Thanks for the likes yesterday regarding the progress; Tom, Bob, Joe, Karl, Sherrel, Phil, Jerome, Chet, Paul, James, Chad, Curt, Ken, George, Patrick.

Out in the train shed, for the most part, the structure is now complete except the stair railing.
04-06-20 001.JPG

04-06-20 002.JPG

04-06-20 003.JPG

Here it is in its incomplete setting. Parking area will be added today. Still looking in the sign stash for the appropriate signage.
04-06-20 004.JPG

I'll weather it and give it a shot of dull coat in the next few days.

Tom -
My wife makes crosses out of them.
One of my neighbors when I was growing up, wove some very intricate crosses out of the palm fronds. The church would display them in the vestibule on Easter. She tried to teach me, but I didn't learn.
Terry - Nice backyard. Very pastoral. I remember you posting about the cellar a few years ago, maybe it was originally a dungeon.
Allegedly the owners have reconsidered their decision to not pay us,
Must have something to do with the government "forgivable loan" program.
Curt -
then finished up the truck coal dump
Joe - That's a lot of cases of Covid-19 in your township. I understand your family's precautionary attitude. We're extremely blessed here that there is very little in our area. To the south in Denton, there are 50 cases at the State School, a living center for youngsters with extreme mental issues, which skews the statistics somewhat. There are 266 cases in the whole county with 67 recoveries. Most of those cases are in the southern portion of the county, neighboring Dallas County. Our county (Cooke) is still reporting 0 cases thankfully.

Time to go now. Everybody have a great day.


GNRR Mechanic always fixing stuff
Morning all,

Takes a little while to catch up from the weekend. I had a list of outdoor projects I was going to do as the weather was "supposed" to be nice. Too cold on Saturday (stayed overcast and temp of 45 when upper 50's predicted) and yesterday was foggy until about 2:00 pm and then warmed to 55. Can't mow in the fog as the grass was too wet and didn't want to dig out and replace a broken fence post as whomever put the fence up years ago used all cedar (posts, pickets and stringers). The cedar 4X4 inch posts don't hold up well, so as they break I replace them with new treated 4X4 posts and treated stringers. The hard part is pulling out the old cement. I did however stabilize it with a stake and board, so hopefully it will be nice enough next weekend. I know it's Easter, but not much else going on.

On the train side, I did get my control board cut and painted. I looked for the proper paint colors fo Omaha Orange and Pullman Green as I thought it would be nice to use those on the control board, but not finding what I wanted, I ended up using a can of Meadow Green I had laying around. It looks ok and I'll get pictures once I get it mounted. It really needed another coat of paint, but I ran the can it will be fine once the block and turnout switches get mounted. I just got to remember where I put the turnout switches I got from Willie....
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