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Curse You, Red Baron!
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...but it lives on in 1:87 scale on the CL&W Sub!

IB Ken - That is just a WOW on WOW photo! It does not get any better than that!

I rolled down my window today and yelled at the guy next to me - He, his son, DIL and wife were in a 71 VW bus. It was a jewel - when I gave him a "thumbs up", he was grinning ear to ear!
OAN: My buddy in HS - the only one in my class with wheels- had a "bug" - same green color - that his father in the Army had shipped back to the states right after the war. Good times back then.

Picked up the check at the insurance office for the Pacifica payoff. The amount surprised me - it was 2x+ what I expected it was worth. As it needed a complete paint job (peeling clear coat and faded) and the catalytic converter was shot .... I feel that I came out best on the deal.


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IB Ken - That is just a WOW on WOW photo! It does not get any better than that!

I rolled down my window today and yelled at the guy next to me - He, his son, DIL and wife were in a 71 VW bus. It was a jewel - when I gave him a "thumbs up", he was grinning ear to ear!
OAN: My buddy in HS - the only one in my class with wheels- had a "bug" - same green color - that his father in the Army had shipped back to the states right after the war. Good times back then.

Picked up the check at the insurance office for the Pacifica payoff. The amount surprised me - it was 2x+ what I expected it was worth. As it needed a complete paint job (peeling clear coat and faded) and the catalytic converter was shot .... I feel that I came out best on the deal.
There are still the odd VW bus and car around here. About 20 or so years ago someone set up a resto shop in town, specializing in Kombi's and their pickup derivative. Had a real business going for some years. They were getting vehicles and parts from all over (pallets of engines, gearboxes etc stacked up). Turned out some really nice jobs.


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Willie, I am in fine form, thanks for noticing. :) I got the results from my tests and all is well, I knew that, I feel good! I have to work on improving my A1C, but I know what the problem is, I've been eating too much! Aches and pains won't slow my roll, but those internal problems do. I still have some "not so good" days, but they are fewer and further apart.

Fatigue was causing internal problems. I was working too much, fixed that. Now I'm eating too much, I'm going to fix that next!


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Good morning Everybody!

I had an easy day yesterday, I take my off days seriously now!

I took my Mom shopping, we took advantage of the slightly cooler temperatures and lower humidity. It actually got into the upper 60s over night!

I came home, repaired another tire on my van. I've never had a set of tires that had to be repaired so much! Every tire on this van has been repaired more than once. One tire has 4 repairs in it. I wish contractors would be more careful with their screws. Some of them defiantly have some loose screws!

I spent the rest of the day in the pool. Then napping and watching movies on the couch with my beagles. I woke up and found that my wife came home from work early. I spent the rest of the day with her, a fantastic day!

I hope Everyone had a great day as well!


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By definition Social Security and Medicare are entitlements. People are entitled to these benefits because they bought and paid for them!

The problem is, true entitlements, those that have been earned through contributions have been lumped in with charities. Welfare, food stamps and other programs are charities. I'm not against charity, but call it what it is.

We have to separate contributory programs (entitlements) from non-contributory programs (charities). Some politicians don't want to do this. They lump them all together to politicize these programs to garner support for cutting them all!

Furthermore, it's a disgrace that retired people that paid every dime asked of them have to fork out so much more for things they should be entitled to! Paying for hearing aids, glasses, dental care and co-pays is wrong!

The cost of health care is out of control. Not because of people getting what they paid for. It's out of control because congress with our complacency has allowed the health care industry to make outrageous profits on the back of people's health problems!


GNRR Mechanic always fixing stuff
Morning all,

Turns out I misspoke on losing out on my first choice of the auctions. I placed my top bid and when another placed a bid 1 dollar more, I said it wasn't worth more than that and said to the wife it didn't matter. About 1 hour before the auction ended, she decided to bid another dollar higher than the other person had. It went unanswered, so I won the auction for $2 more than I really wanted to spend. Then the torsion springs on the big garage door went snap in the garage. Had to go out force the big heavy garage door open to get the cars out so we could go to work this morning...No more trains until after the new year as the bill for the garage door (unknown, but about $200ish) and Christmas is coming. I think I have enough for now.
Picture from Auction:


Auction site said it was for 3 locos and 5 cars, but it is really 2 loco and 5 cars. I really wanted the FA1 as I think I have a couple of the other cars already.


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Good morning everyone. 75 and clear and humid and humid and humid . . . 'nuff said. Should cool down some starting tomorrow.

Flip, Chad, Sherrel, Mike, Patrick, Garry, Willie, Chet, Dave L&SM, IB Ken, Louis, and anyone I may have missed - Thanks for the comments and likes on my tunnel photos. It's a fun part of the layout.
Willie - Thanks again for the info on your "gravel" parking areas.

In the train room, just ran some trains for a short while last night. Working on some scenery improvements in the farm and lake region south of the main town. Will try to take some photos tonight and post them this week. Here are a photo of the 1950's logging camp that is behind the tunnel. The main line is just out of sight to the left, and the track for the log cars is just out of sight to the right. I should take another photo showing the rails, too. Still need get a crane for lifting logs onto the cars. I've taken advice from several on this forum about adding branches and debris around the camp. I think it's looking better, but still not satisfied.


Have a good day everyone.


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Good Morning All. 78° and clear. Still haven't hit that 100° mark that has been predicted for the last seven days, so the weather geeks lowered it for today. The 99° that we hit yesterday wasn't all that bad as there was a moderate wind and relatively low humidity. Wife's progress is good, they did some motion tests yesterday and she is up to 92% of full motion in just two weeks. Still has to use the walker due to the pain from putting too much weight on it, but she is becoming a bit less reliant on it. When she gets out of the car, I have been setting it a bit further away each time so she will use the leg more. We make the two week visit to the surgeon today. The swelling is hardly noticeable any more, we're now down to about eight pounds of ice a day in the ice circulator. First four days was twenty pounds a day.
I'm over here with Louis this morning Francine, I'll take a couple of those sausage, potato, egg and cheese burritos this morning.

Thanks for the comments and likes yesterday regarding the tire service business; Phil, Chad, Sherrel, Justin, Patrick, Garry, Chet, Dave, Louis, Ken.

Eventually made it to the train shed yesterday. Finally finished up on the gas pumps that I have been working on for three days.
08-13-19 001.JPG

Still to go is the soft drink machine and some people and vehicles. I want to put an interior into the service bays but haven't found anything suitable on the Internet yet.

Gene - For the best hot links, most likely not available north of the border, I buy Earl Campbell Hot Links.

Greg - My digital cameras and phone all came with a cord with a camera plug on one end and a USB plug on the other end to plug into the computer. It's the same cord used for recharging. With Win7 that I use, it automatically detects when you plug in and turn the camera on, taking you to a screen that directs you to downloading. You should also be able to get to the camera memory by treating it as an external drive. From there it's easy as long as you remember what file folder you downloaded the pictures to.
Ken - My Beetle was a 1961 with unknown mileage on it. I drove it from '71 until '78, putting over 150K miles on it myself. It was a very faded light blue (no flowers painted on it Sherrel:cool:). I sold it when our first daughter was born and I had to have a more reliable means of transportation.
Patrick - Nice scores from the auctions.

Gene's comment on bilingual packaging laws reminded me of the garden cart that I pictured the other day. The instructions for it were only in English. It came from Vermont. We have had bilingual packaging, instructions and linguistics here in Texas for nearly forty years now, although not required by law. Unfortunately highway signs are still only in English, hence a number of problems. On the other hand, the first thing that non-English speakers learn is dollars!

OK, I cannot leave it alone, I view SS and Medicare as social insurance programs since we all contributed to them. My vision of entitlements is as Louis put it, charities. Mismanagement by elected officials doesn't change SS/Medicare to entitlements. Remember that a previous President cut SS and Medicare taxes for several years, costing hundreds of billions of $$$ lost to the funds.

Today is one of those days that goes well with me, National Filet Mignon Day. Next to prime rib, it is my favorite cut of meat. Bacon runs a close third. Unfortunately I cannot afford to have it as often as I want it.
Everybody have a great day.


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Good morning. Starting out at 80* and heavy overcast. Has to be 90% humidity. Rain, t/s and temp. into the 90's again later.
Had two waves of t/s come thru yesterday. Kept the 'puter off most of the day.
Thanks again for all the photos you post Really enjoy the real pixs but the photos of what you have created are awesome. THANK YOU .
Prayers for healing



Curse You, Red Baron!
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Morning All! We are working towards a 95* today with a naturally severe clear sky - the record this date was 101* IN 2012.

Willie -- Glad to hear of Arlene's progress! The gas station really brings back memories; looking forward to the details.
Are you sure that you didn't have some of those sunflower stick-on's on your VW? With that "light blue" it would have been awesome! :cool:

Patrick -- sorry to hear about the garage door. If you are talking about the long springs on the sides of the door - I have replaced them on another house back 15, or so, years back. Not exactly easy to do - and I can't remember how I did it - I think the wife helped hold something while I stretched the spring.
Save yourself some money ... might be some cussing involved?:D

LOUIS -- Getting a little ahead on the 2020 lineup?
I am with you on the control of medical costs; I doubt there is a layman alive who can explain hospital billing.
If the baboons in DC want to help the populace out - they need to control the cost ... oh, wait ... they might lose some kickbacks! :mad:


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Good morning. A cool start to the day at 50 degrees with a high expected in the mid 70's. Yesterday our high was a plesant 75 degrees. Went up flying and took my camera this time. I'll post some photos at the end.

Louis - I really enjoy your photos. I always liked the Pennsy centipedes. The photo of the GG-1 run away was something else. Keep them coming.

Johnny - Nice layout photos. Gotta keep the grand daughter happy.

Garry - Forgot to comment on the Burlington F units you posted the other day. Nice shot.

Willie - Like the tire shop. Butter turn the caboose around if you want the dust monkeys to clean the track, In that position they will be lifted off of the track.

Chad - More great photos. Wrong train ??? Hotsa matta for you. That train lunch looks interesting.

Patrick - Sometimes those on line auctions can be a pain. I also set a limit to what I am willing to pay. I can't count how many times I have seen items bid up way over retail price.

Greg - Glad that you finally got the pressure tank replaced. An easy fix to do but I can understand why you called in a plumber. Kile the photo with the MR&T locomotive.

Sherrel - We also like the Hillshire Kielbasa. Besides using it for breakfast, we like putting it on the grill.

Dave - Nice kit. It shouldn't be too hard to put together. Like the laser cut kits. Wish they were around years ago when I was starting my layout.

IB Ken - Good photo.I always like the beetle. Has a few over the years. While stationed at Mayport, a guy on the ship had one but while out on a three week cruise, his wife fried the engine by running it low on oil. He was heart broken over it. I got a hold of another engine and we had it swapped out in a few hours and he was back on the road.

Here are a few of the photos I took yesterday. I am a bit disappointed as I took over 70 photos but I kept getting the wing strut or landing gear in the photos or they were blurry. Found out that taking the pictures was harder than walking and chewing gum at the same time. Went and flew over Yellowstone Park where I had to keep at least 2,000 feet altitude so many shots had to be telephoto. Had to edit most of the decent photos to het the wing strut out of the photo.

The first shot is the Bridger Mountains just north of Bozeman.

Bozeman_MT_areal (2).jpg

The next shot is above US 191 just before you get over the park, about 35 miles south of where I live. This shot came out good so I was ablee to enlarge it.


The next shot is also of US 191 inside the park just north of West Yellowstone. Tou can see the beginning of the Gallatin River which feeds into the Missouri River at Three Forks,MT. You can also see he burned trees from the fires in Yellowstone in 1988.

17833 (2).jpg

The next photo is inside the park between West Yellowstone and West Thumb where the look through the park begins.

259688543-madison-river-meander-biosfere-reserve-yellowstone-national-park (2).jpg

Here is the beginning of the Geyser Basin with the Fire Hole River in the lower left.


This is the upper geyser basin.


Here I got a shot of Old Faithful erupting. When I first flew over, I could see it starting to erupt and had to circle for a few minutes to get the shot. Took a few but this was probably the best of the lot.

673042116-old-faithful-geyser-eruption-biosfere-reserve-spraying-process (2).jpg

Here is the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and the lower falls. This is where the Yellowstone River begins.


The last shot is of the Paradise Valley and US 89 running between Gardiner, MT and Livingston, MT.

17712 (5).jpg

I am somewhat disappointed that so few photos came out decently, but trying to fly and hold and aim the camera isn't very easy. Hope you enjoyed the quick tour of the park.



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Good morning ....

Louis .... Thanks for your thoughtful comments about entitlements. ....

WIllie ... Thanks for your thoughtful comments too.

As I said, I was wondering why some people appear to be bothered when Medicare and Social Security are called entitlements. I am starting to understand somewhat. ... Apparently, these people make up their own definition of "entitlement" instead of using a definition in a generally accepted English language dictionary. .... I would hope, these people would understand when others call Medicare and SS "entitlements" based on definitions in generally accepted English language dictionaries. ... Since we live in a country with English as its language, I would suggest everybody use definitions in generally accepted English Language dictionaries to avoid confusion and avoid arguments.

Everybody knows how Medicare and Social Security work, and they know they are not welfare or charity. . We all pay into the programs while we work. Because everybody knows, I wonder why somebody has to tell others they paid into them.

Louis ... You posted some interesting pictures.

WIllie ... I am glad to hear about your wife's progress.

Patrick .... In you photo you have a Proto 2000 Great Northern FA1. I have had two of them for many years, and I like them. Only problems was axle gears broke, but repair was not difficult.

Johnny .... Nice photo. I have one of this boxcar sheds too.

Chet ..... Your photos are beautiful. Thanks for commenting on my photo.


Section Hand
Good Morning Everyone.....sunny and nice.

I remember the VW Beetles since I once had three of the neat vehicles. My first was a new I believe 1973 Super Beetle, Orange with a Moon Roof, FM radio, Baha wheels and fog lights. It was my favorite one of the bunch. Then I traded it in on a new 1974 Mercury Cougar and then met my future wife and she got the Cougar so I looked or another car and found a White 1972 VW and then I traded it for a Red 1971 that blew its engine. Fun cars to drive and I wish I still had the 1973 model.

Off to the hospital for blood tests and then vehicle emissions testing.

Hope for some train time this afternoon.

Chet: Fantastic photos of Yellowstone. What a great area to live near and be able to enjoy.

Nice photograph.

Patrick: Good find at the auction. I have several of the BB Milwaukee Road cabooses.

Thanks for the phone camera tip, I'll try it and see what happens. Cheap gasoline!!!

Got to go......



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