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Curse You, Red Baron!
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WOW -- This month has gone by way too fast! Good Morning!
No fall around here -- Temp is supposed to be 97* today - was 98* yesterday - record this date was 106* in 2017.
Not hot with the low 20 something humidity - as long as you are not in the direct sun ... if you are - then it's HOT!

Sounds like Kate needs to skip the therapist visit and go straight to the orthopedic surgeon. A surgeon will get right to the point since that's how they make their money.
Willie - I wish she could! We are in the Kaiser Group out here, so we have to jump thru several hoops first, although when my cancer was discovered - as well as the massive aneurisms - they moved fast! We'll see what direction the therapist sends her in. A real shame that our trip looks as if it will have to be next year? Even thought I might make it to visit Chet while in the neighborhood + we have friends who moved to Sagle, ID as well. She is hobbling pretty bad and the shots this time just did not seem to help at all.

Boneless bananas huh? I will have to look for them this morning at the store.

Magic Wands for train Locos? What's next - Pixie Dust?


Whiskey Merchant
Good morning. 50 degrees to get the day started and we should be up into the mid 80's for a high. With the morning rain I got a late start on the mowing and will have to complete it today as we do have relatives flying in later today.

Garry - Have a safe trip. The shoulder is coming along nicely. Used my regular ball getting ready for for bowling league and to my suprise I had great ball control. The doctor says it will probably be a year to be at 100%. Feel that way now.

Justin - Good photos again. I have a few NMRA gauges around the layout and on the work bench. Good purchase.

Sharrel - I really feel for you. With cities in Na NA land out there lime that and the state wanting to give so much to illegals and not take care of the tax payers, I don't know how you take it.

Karl - Nice to see you back in here.

Terry must be painting now as he hasn't posted.

Have a new addition to the layout. A Rapido RDC. Ever since they were first introduced I was drooling over them but couldn't justify parting with the cash that they wanted for them. Got a good deal on a Canadian National unit with DCC & sound. The detail is second to none. Can't wait to try it out at the club.


I had looked at an undecorated unit but I can live with the Canadian National unit. In my 1/87 world the CN had put one up for sale. The price was right.

Time to finish the lawn..................................Later


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Heard from Greg yesterday and he is currently in the hospital because of a gall stone problem. He does want to say hello, but he has his dumb phone and can't access the forum. He is hoping to be sprung loose on Tuesday. He is enjoying the pretty nurses though.


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Waiting to see what DORIAN is going to do. Have put off finishing storm protecting duties. Might not need the HD front shutters. I have put up half of them, just waiting.
Prayers for all,


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Willie, a rock star with a substance abuse problem, nothing unusual about that. For the most part my musical tastes are not very versatile. Other than a few songs I like for mostly sentimental reasons.

King Toot, you are so very correct. The world is heading to catastrophe, but the band plays on.

Chet, I don't pay much attention to anything AOC has to say. She has been proven to have trouble with the truth/facts, I try to ignore politicians like that.

Garry, politicians on all sides are twisting definitions. It will only end when we refuse to vote for them.

Yesterday I got called away and left without even having said good morning, let alone have a good day, forgive me


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I just found the new coffee shop, but I seem to be locked out. I knew my crazy shit would catch up to me sooner or later. ;)
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