RoadRailer Models

I was never worried about changing the trucks, just the wheels. So I need 33" smooth back wheels for the Roadrailers. I'll definitely check out the Intermountains.

The masking I'm using (not tape, btw) is quite easy thus far, and I don't have to worry about overspray or bumping anything and shooting paint in between, but I may try the 'line-em-up' approach as well. I'm planning on doing quite a few of these and anything to make it easier is a huge plus.

Pics soon :D I have a feeling this may become a massive intermodal thread :D
Right now, it looks like a wheel, but don't worry - it'll come full circle (pardon the pun), Josh.

*dables with the spine car...* Humm, I guess I should go shopping tomorrow for some parts for the long runners! Anyone wanna buy those seven 45' trailers I had up for sale a while back? Make and offer via e-mail or PM and we'll see if we can't work out a deal! Oh I still have that BNSF woodchip car too, make an offer there, new, in box... If i can sell them, I can grab up some decals for the longrunners.
Here's a (badly lit) shot of the current state of the roofs. I'm trying to decide if I should coat them with sealer before I move on...the acrylic is kinda easy to scratch off if one becomes caresless (me? nahh.... :rolleyes: ), but I'm not sure how a sealer will react with it. I suppose that's where my two shells that have been donated to science come into play :D