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Which roadname would YOU rather use for a layout?

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Central Phoenix Railroad
Hi everyone,
Feel free to take part in this poll.
If you select "other", feel free to tell me the roadname. By commuter line I mean, Metrolink, Metra, Metro North etc.
Chris Moore :D
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"Other" for me...

I'd like to model the local shortline(s), NSHR, and the connecting NS and CPR lines. :)


I picked Other. That's an odd selection to choose from, No Canadian roads :(

Anyway, I model CP and some CSX as well as the ETR, a short line in my home town.


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My own private RR The CEE Line serving the length of Indiana from Chicago to Evansville through Emporia.


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My F&CGR is so completely imaginary and fictional as to be an insult to any established road name. But if I ever get into the big stuff, it will be SP.


Central Phoenix Railroad
Thanks Everyone,
You see down here in Arizona there are no shortlines :mad: Flagstaff is probably the biggest railroad town(and Flagstaff isn't very big). BNSF usually runs threw Flagstaff alot, along with the Union Pacific and occasionally Amtrak. Also there's a small town called Kingman, but there's not to much railroad activity. As for the fallen flags, I do model them. If you look it up on the internet, I found out, the Union Pacific owns the Southern Pacific, so I guess you could say there a fallen flag line. I also love looking at fallen flag lines from Illinois and New York(because my parents are from there). Also I'm planning on modeling a fallen flag model railroad (not sure what roadname to use) but i'll keep you updated.
Thanks again,
Chris Moore


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You see down here in Arizona there are no shortlines
Hi Chris, that's the way it used to be here until CN divested itself of all short hauls, although CB&CNS is 240 miles from terminus to exchange. It became marginaly profitable when the CN transport trucks were in competition with it. Life's like that
Cheers Willis


Chessie System Railroad
I will be naming my N Scale Layout Pennsylvania Railroad I am planning to build this summer and then when I get my HO Scale Layout planned out I will be naming it Chessie System. ( Two Of My Favorite Railroads Out There. :D :D )


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chrismoore93 said:
Thanks Everyone,
You see down here in Arizona there are no shortlines :mad:

Actually, there is the Arizona and California Railroad. I'm not sure where Parker, AZ is in relation to you, so I'm not sure you ever would have seen any of their equipment, except maybe on a DHL commercial.

As for me, I model a number of railroads, including:

Norfolk Southern (and predecessors Southern and Norfolk & Western)
Burlington Northern
Santa Fe (but not BNSF)
Missouri Pacific
Cotton Belt

Who ever said you have to pick just one? :D :p :eek:
I see that other is dar and away the most popular. :)

Doing it over, the New York Central. In fact, I am moving my railroad back in time to be able to run more NYC and PC cars.
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