Prototype Pictures: Weathering Inspiration


The Name's Really Matt...

(Photo copyright © Joe Shaw)












All above photos copyright © Matt Johnson(Me!) Unless noted.

If you have other photos that can be of use in weathering, post them here!
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I apologize about the huge image sizes, but it is impossible for me to resize them without messing them up.
I really like that St. Mary's car, but the real challenge would be that Penn Central gondola. Look at all those colors!
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RCH said:
I really like that St. Mary's car, but the real challenge would be that Penn Central gondola. Look at all those colors!
That St. Mary's car is my next topic of weatherment. :D
Well, I certainly look forward to it.

GM - It's a shame to see a D&RGW car in that state.... but, at the same time, it looks like it would be quite a challenge to capture. MM did one of those not *too* long ago.
uspscsx, this one's for you! The track was below the parking lot we were in and I took this shot while standing on my truck toolbox. ;) You can make out a little of the roof detail. It had just rained, so that's why it has the wet look. :D

Some more... I got a few as you can tell, I wish i was good enough with the brush to make some of these! By the way, one of thses shots looks like one of our own members here got into taggin ;-) but I hope it wasn't him!
Some more, including an airhose laying between the tracks, just a detail that can add interest!
and s'more... Lets see who can recognize the owner of that orange covered hopper, then point out what ELSE they own... Oh hey, I think... if someone can figure out a php picture host of some sort, I can host a "Freight Car Modelers Index", I have the space, and subdomains! Also, the BNSF box, look close, there's alot of rust above the truck on the left.
And more, including an interesting tank, and on the left of the tank another interesting covered hopper (didn't get a good shot of her unfortunatly).
should be 2nd to plast post here... I spent alot of my time last weekend railfanning, taking pics of the freight cars!
Last ones for now, until I go out again, maybe next weekend. These shots will be harder to use, but can give ideas, I was shooting across the valley, was actually hoping for a train on the bottom tracks... Picture #2 I included for modern modelers to see the supprising amounts of graffiti on them, and the older ATSF shock control box.