Prototype information on DODX 6 axle heavy duty flatcars


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Hi everybody.

I'm seeking Prototype information on DODX 6 axle heavy duty flatcars, 40000 series. does anyone know who built these cars, have mesurements, or maybe even a plueprint or simular.

Your help would be much appriciated.

Great photos and a very cool prototype.

The cars say L 68 0 right on them, so I'd say they are 68' long.
Only problem for the HO modelers is that there are no trucks available that are a match or even close to the prototype. The flat can be easily kit-bashed by using the accurail 89' flat as its wider then the Intermodal flats and close to the DODX flats. I would love to have around 30 or so cars and was contemplating on making resin body's but the again the trucks are and issue.
you might be able to modify the solid bearing buckeye from Athearn, with roller bearings.

That's my website - I've gotten a lot of mileage out of those photos, but it's time I chase down a few more cars and post some fresh pictures. This page has detail shots of an Ortner-built car:

There were four builders that produce this car - here are the number series with corresponding builder (courtesy of Jim Eager on the MFCL):

DODX 40000-40099 (FGE)
DODX 40100-40299 (Thrall)
DODX 40300-40549 (Ortner)
DODX 40550-40599 (USRE)

Here's a link to a few of my newer my photos:

Hope that helps,

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Nice link Ken, unfortunately they have an older enclosed style roller bearing, where as the DODX flats have an exposed style.
again, depends on your definition of close. If you want buckeyes, this is it. If you want to be too picky, you get to do without.

Its not about being picky as much as wanting an accurate model instead of a half ass model. If I didnt care then I would still be playing with Tyco and AHM trains and not Atlas, Athearn, and Kato. I will wait as these cars will show up eventually so no rush. In the meantime I can start collecting vehicles to fill them.
Considering these will mos likely be $200 - $350 I will pass as I cant afford a 40 car train of those at this time and 1 or 2 dont look right even thought its prototypical.
If you're not a rivet counter, you could pinch a pair of 3-axle trucks from a wreck crane, or a steamer tender.