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Coal Shoveler
Well, I doubt this is the kind of message that Bob wanted to start off here, but....

Russian made the comment elsewhere about buying basket cases to do create stuff, and I replied that I do buy e-cheap-o buildings at train shows to 'modify'. I've done this for a while now; I can see the potential in that dusty building that was poorly put together in the bin/table in front of the seller. However, like many folks, those 'projects' get unfinished.

At the last couple of shows, I bought 3 buildings, and got one off of e-bay. The e-bay one probably won't be a simple bash, but two of the train show ones seem only need some DPM or Walthers Modulars to make a bigger building. I don't exactly have the right sized DPM wall section, but may have enough Modulars to do something....




Been Nothin' Since Frisco
I don't think anyone will have a problem with discussing 'bashing buildings ;) but next time include some photos for insurance. :) I'll be looking forward to the next post....


Yeah, include some pictures. I am starting to get a collection of this and thats where I will be able to do some bashing. The more I see the better for me to learn.

CJcrescent came over one day and wanted a project so I told him I needed an engine house for my diesels. This is what he bashed together from misc. DPM parts. The windows are a grid I printed out on a transparency and then sprayed with Dullcote. The fueling station is the new Walthers kit. We still want to add a few things including roof vents.


Master Mechanic
Ya know Rex, that really is a great looking building! I don't know what ya pay em to work on your layout, but ya need to double it!


Stay off the tracks!
When it comes to bashing, right now I'm looking at Pikestuff kits. I've cut one down significantly in size, but it does have the problem of not currently having a back!

I need more places to put stuff before I figure out how I'm going to hack it all up.


Master Mechanic
All kidding aside, the enginehouse was made from the DPM parts from I think the large industrial building kit#142?? The roof is styrene sheet glued to a simple framework and then covered with masking tape cut into scale "tarpaper" lengths. The entire roof was then painted black with some weathering applied, dullcoated, and then hit with alcohol, to "fade" it in. Very easy kitbash. The tank, & filler platforms were from the original kit, I just extended the platforms out some, added the sanding tower from the roundhouse kit, a small yard structure that I've had for years and a Stewart, (Shelley?) pump.


Thats the first time I have seen the Walthers kit on a layout. It Really looks great. Thats also a nice looking engine house.


Master Mechanic

The building doesn't have a back? If the back is not gonna be viewable, Just cover it with a piece of styrene cut to fit.

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