Pigs will fly?

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Ah, a Gluckschwein! For some weird reason pigs in some form are considered good luck in Germany.

When I lived there I bought a wall hanging at a Christmas fair and they gave me three little plastic pigs, sort of like you'd find in the game "Pig Out," explaining that they were gluckschwein, or good luck pigs.


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Well will yuh look at that now they're in the Luftwaffe

Thats a pretty good explaination Jeff, LOL I doubt they'd sell very good outside Germany.

Cheers Willis


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I bet a lot of people are wondering what kind of train this would pull.:confused::confused::confused:

Why a PIG:eek:gy back train of course!!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D

I think I need to go back to my sty for that one:p:p


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Now that's a real "hogger". Thank you Ladies and Gentleman, Carey and I will be appearing all week long in the lounge. Drive safely.


Steve B

That is definatley different, a Piggyback train a flying pig, Mmmmm

Now did you know there was a train service here near Blackpool that was known as the "Flying Pig" the normal steam locomotive had a whistle that sounded like a pig in distress hense the name.


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A more complete explanation was found here (thanks Google!):

"In Germany, when someone is lucky, it is customary to say "Ich Habe Schwein Gehabt" which means "I have had pig."
This tradition dates back to hard times, when if you had a pig to feed your family, you were considered fortunate."


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discontinued by the manufacturer?

go figger......woulda thunk that 3 would have satisfied the entire world's demand for these....

Here's a warped thought:

we design, build and use what are referred to as pipeline pigs. 2 stories are used to explain why they are called pigs, and like so many, neither is verifyable and both have elements of truth as well as incredulity.

1) when a certain type of pig is in a pipeline, they squeak ("squeal") as they rub along the inside. Like a bare butt on a steel slide......

2) pipelines are inspected by measuring the inside dimensions, looking for dents (among many other things) that can lead to corrosion, cracks and other nasty things. The term "Pipeline Inspection Gage" was shortened to PIG.

Things of a pig motif are quite popular as office knicknaks in the industry. Having been in this industry a relatively short time, I'm not there yet.....

However, I am known a bit around work as the train photographer....so this might be an appropriate kickoff for my own PIG collection......

lord help me.....

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