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Dr Frankendiesel
You know, the funny thing about that backdrop is that it's just an enlarged grainy photo, yet in a pic, it looks dynamite.

SpaceMouse: Yes. The new layout construction is well under way. Here's some pics.




















That's it for now, and as I'm sure someone out there has said, "Whew!"


Wiley Old Dog

It was good looking stuff Sir!

You have to salute anyone who is willing to start over when they have done such good work to begin with for something better.

Here's the best of wishes and hopes for the new layout; may it be even more than you've hoped and planned for. :)



HO train man

Live to train around
great job man

I saw that you used the regular track in your first layout and E-Z track in the second layout. I am wondering why.

is it easier and better looking with scenery or is it a bit harder, but better looking with scenery?
could you maybe PM me these answers

thnx :)


Dr Frankendiesel
I have the layout set up for DCC operation now but with so many locomotives in my still being DC I also set it up for DC blocking. There are 16 blocks with each block being on it's own DPDT switch. When the switch is up, the block is DCC, when it's down, the block is DC. I'm using a Bachmann EZ Command unit for the DCC control and a MRC Tech 4 280 for the DC control. I use a regular Bachmann power pack to power the turnouts. The old layout was set up on common rail control and it was nearly impossible to use DC and DCC in different blocks on the same track. With the new layout I've gotten away from common rail and gone with 2 rail control. When I flip a control switch, it sent positive and negative to the block. Each block is totally isolated from the others.


Sounds like a good move. I have to find the courage to go into my wiring and redo some of it for signals and detection blocks. It wouldn't be bad except it is all under the benchwork.


Lazy Daydreamer
On the two modules that I salvaged from my previous layout, I eliminated all the common-rail wiring and cut new gaps, in anticipation of converting to DCC. I used DPDT switches because that was all my HW store had in stock at the time, but now I'm really glad about that - I discovered a need to have access to either one of 2 power supplies in my interchange yard. (Of course, I realize when I eventually get DCC decoders in all my locos, that alternate powerpack will be unnecessary...)

Let me know how your dual-use setup works Jeff, I've seen so many people accross the street claim that it "can't be done"...
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Dr Frankendiesel
Let me know how your dual-use setup works Jeff, I've seen so many people accross the street claim that it "can't be done"...
Obviously they never tried it. It works just great. I can actually have two trains going in oppisite directions on the same track at the same time, on regular DC. Try THAT with common rail.

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