Photo Contest Ideas


Non Rivet Counter
Well unless everyone is going to wait until the last minute to enter, this months theme for the model contest is going over like a lead balloon.
So how about some ideas from you guys. What kind of contests would you like to see?
I just haven't had a chance to get down to my club to take pictures of our layout. I should have something by Monday after this weekend's show
Hey! I dont have anything to enter, afraid the plywood Pacific just isn't ready for a photo contest. On second thought maybe I should enter it, if I'm the only one to enter I think I have a pretty good chance of winning. :D

Cheers Willis
Too bad this topic wasn't for Oct. There will be a show in the next Town and there is one guy always has something Way way out, too bad I never took photos of them anything from a fairy mountain to Bat Man. Once after that movie Jurasic Park he had an unbelieveable module. I'll remember to take a couple of snaps this time in case it ever comes up again.
Cheers Willis