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Hi everyone,

Does anyone know where I could find either palm trees or the kits to build them at a respectable price? Or what I could use as trunks for the trees?


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Some of the best I've seen

Looking at the photos one cheap way of making would be dyed or purchased green feathers...trunks can be made by wire (grouped and twisted) and wrapped with masking tape, and ruffed with a wire brush, then painted and dry brush the details. After learning what looks best and works for you, place the 1st ones you made in the background. (If they turn out like my 1st attempts....LOL )
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Some of the ones Dave has used on here
Are mine, and some are from Hart of the South
My homemade ones are made from fairly straight twigs from dogwood (or similar) with paper strip cut with pinking shears wrapped around them, and glued on with white glue, notches upward. Use a sharp pointed craft knife and pull the notches away from the trunk to raise them and brush white glue over it and leave 24 hrs to set, then paint. Glue lengths of brown garden twine, combed out into strands, vertically around the top to make the "beard". My fronds were made from artificial foliage plants, glued to green florists wire and inserted into holes drilled into the top of the trunks. Curve them to suitable shape when they are dry by bending between your fingers. Lots of " plastic foliage plants" as basis for fronds available for aquarium shops. Look at pictures and remember that a lot are much taller than you think! Paint with shades of Acrylic, top ones (new growth) are lighter, middle are darker and start to develop yellowing edges, and lower ones start to turn beige-brown before they drop off, lowest will hang almost against the trunk and be almost all beige. Remember they will not be too close to buildings as they harbour vermin such as rats and roaches.

Some more photos are here but you may need to join to see them. HIH
Shortliner(Jack)away up here in the Highlands
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Nice advise guys for plam trees. I think I'm a little to far North to put them on my layout though !!!


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Woodland Scenics makes some:



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Trucula you have to go here for them now. I had heard of these but never seen them until now.

On top of those, and the Woodland Scenics there's also:

I paid $9.99 for a box of three of each of the two Pegasus Hobbies ones. They require a tad bit of work, as they're glossy plastic.

The key, if you're a stickler, is to study the type of tree's in the area you model, Palm trees vary more then ANY other type of tree.
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grove den

naturally natural trees
JoshDon't you think your very detailed and weathered trains diserve much more then the glossy plastic models?
And don't you think you(or the viewer) will notice that at once that the "rough" shape of the trees are not as detailed compare with your "fleet" Just a thought....?
The key, if you're a stickler, is to study the type of tree's in the area you model, Palm trees vary more then ANY other type of tree.
I "found" it out by is very difficult!!!....I only have made the trunk so far, just like Trucula told. (wires)Because I want to make the trunk very thin/long and that you can bent it a little bit. But the leaves that another story...I"ll try to model them with paper or small long feathers( colored)
I am working on it..together with the 1001 other MRR "things" lol



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Josh, Thanks...those look great!...The ones on the right have a bark texture like a braided hose from a pressure line (water/oil ), which "might" work with some painting details and wire inside to hold the form.

and thanks Jos, The reason I came up with the feather idea was from my 1st posted site which has a feather-like detail but are unglossy plastic like leaves as Jos's site has.


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Yeah Jos, too shiny for me, but nothing a little Dull Cote and chalk weathering can't fix. However, after one or two packs of each of the commercially available ones, I'm going to have to switch to making them!


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Palmtrees in N-Scale

I made my one Palmtrees.

in the Model Railroader Oktober 2002 its a article, how to do.
They are made from paper and nealed wire.



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