OT, but I need help


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I got an MP3 player and I can't seem to get it set up the way I want and can't figure out the directions.

Could one of you technophiles give me a hand? Shoot me an email so we can take it off line.

You might want to give a bit more information - what type of MP3 (they ain't all the same), what type of computer, have you loaded any drivers/software that came with it....?
I'll gladly try to help too. Gotta say I love my Nano, but I wasn't very happy to see the 2nd gen released 2 months after I bought my 'original' :mad: :rolleyes:
It's a 2 gig Panasonic. The instructions are sketchy and want me to use Media Player 10 which I have. I am trying or organize the songs I want to create a workout playlist. If I just copy the songs to the media player It works, but I cannot navigate the songs other than in order. That doesn't make sense for a thousand songs.

They want me to synchronize it using media player, but if I do,then I can't seem to get the songs in the order I want.
I've avoided WMP 10 at all costs, so I don't have any experience there, but I'll give it a shot. Are you uploading the songs directly through WMP (with the "copy to CD or device" option, or something like that)? Or are you uploading them through explorer, where the MP3 player shows up like another hard drive?

Either way, the order in which you upload them shouldn't make any difference. You can (or at least should be able to) create playlists and rearrange songs on the MP3 player itself. You could probably also create playlists within WMP, if you find it easier than messing around with it on the MP3 player itself, and then upload them, but again, I'm not very familiar with WMP 10.
It seems that on this unit, I can select any song, but I cannot select several songs and play them in that order. If the song I pick was the 101st song loaded, then the next song is the 102nd loaded. Even if I add more songs to a folder--say I loaded a couple songs from an album then added the rest of the album later, It will still play in the order I loaded them, not straight through the sequence in the folder.
I kinda have the same problem with my MP3 player; it generally plays the songs in the order they're loaded. I've not been able to figure out how to get mine to play songs 3,5,7,8,15,32,45,66,72, etc, in that order.

One way I can get it to play the entire list in a different order is to use Win Explorer to resort the song files when the player is hooked up to the PC via USB. But that's a clumsy way of doing things.

The other way would be to give all the files all the attributes that your player allows for, and when you do the play thing, play songs only with that attribute.