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Just thought I would say hi to everyone. Just retired from the military after 21 years in September, and finally have the time to actually build a layout!

Since I am currently sharing a small apartment though, I will be working in N scale on a small hollow door in the corner of our living room. Should be a great way to practice though and hone my long rusty modeling skills. I've been lurking around for the last couple of months on the forums picking up some great tips and hope to get many more! This seems to be a great place. See you all around!



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Draw up a plan a post it here. Lots of knowledgeble people here to help with the planning. Might as well take advantage of it.

XtraCAD is an open source (read free) Track Planning Software. It will help keep your plans honest.


Hi Ed and welcome to the 'friendly' forum where the help is free and plentiful, but there is a charge per cup of coffee:D When you come up with some ideas or questions, please post them and you will get a good response.
Hope you enjoy!
Welcome Ed,
There's a great bunch of guys and gals here with a wide range of knowledge that they are alway gald to share, So make sure and ask any questions and share your ideas and experince with them.
Enjoy the hobby!!!


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Greetings Ed, happy to have you with us! I see from your profile that you're in California and like the WP. Any particular era?

[LATER EDIT]: OOPS, I just found another of your posts that answered my question...:eek:
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Hello Ed and Welcome!!

First things first, Sir Thank you for your service to this wonderful country. 21 years, ATTA-BOY!!

I'm new to this forum as well. But let me tell you THIS is the place you want to be:D :cool:.

Can't wait to watch the progress on your upcoming 'n'pire;) .


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Welcome to the forum, Ed, glad you're here. I second the ATTA BOY for your 21 years of service.Thanks!


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Welcome to the forum, Ed, happy to have you here. Hope you have a camera so you can post some photos of your layout as you progress with it. If not , well just keep us upto date in your posts.

Cheers Willis


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Well so far its just blue foam on top of a hollow door. The trackplan is posted here.

At least thats what I have come up with so far. I'm waitng for the glue to dry and the track to arrive in the mail! I will post pics in the N forum when things get going.

And you're quite welcome for the atta boys. I loved every minute of my time in the Air Force and would still be in today if I hadn't got disabled. I was actually planning to get a job at the UP when I retired, but now am looking for something else I can do at a desk.

Thanks for the great welcome all!

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