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Hey Guys! I was hoping that someone on the forum could put a name to this HO scale Rivarossi engine. Is this a switcher? Industrial switcher? Made in Mexico. It's 3 1/2" long. Vintage? or still in production? Thanks for any info!
It is an 0-4-0 switcher for sure and wouldnt go far or pull much since it doesnt use a tender. I dont know if Rivarossi would be marked made in Mexico maybe someone else does tho. Would be great on a small industrial siding area.
Here's a pic underneath the shell, it reads...

Hecko En Mexico
Por MC Gregor S A

It is also written on the bottom, underneath the wheels in very small fine print.
Just assuming? that hecko en Mexico means made in Mexico? Who would Gregor be? This an oldie? Thanks
Not sure if it is old but that would be a good guess. I guess that means made in mexico for MC Gregor. I tried looking up several ways and MC Gregor and McGregor comes up with Rivarossi but is all in spanish so I dont know what is says. LOL! Was hoping to help. Good luck.


It's an 0-4-0 (you knew that I'm guessing) side tank engine.

The side tank refers to the two water tanks on the side of the boiler.

If the water tank wrapped over the top of the boiler, that would make it a saddle tank (The water tank sits over the boiler like a saddle on a horse)

Despite the CNJ lettering, it's probably not an American prototype. While pretty generic looking, the smokebox front has a bit of a European look to it, as does the tapered smokestack. I'm not familiar enough with foreign engines to identify any specific prototype though...

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You could be right Steve: may be from a a German T3?( Time era:just before 1900...) Many European countries had a engine like this one. The German one was/is the prototype off all.( I think..)



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Rivarossi ne1959 has created some models of dubious veracity.
This version is "americanized" in livery Central Railroad of New Jersey 0-2-0 fantasy which in turn was inspired by the locomotive of the Italian FS (State Railways) 0-3-0 Gr.835.

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