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Several years ago you'd see 2-, 3- and more domes on some tankcars.

Presumeably that meant they had 2-, 3- or more separate compartments right?
If so did these compartments have different contents, say one diesel another gasoline?
Would it also be prototypical to have one product in all compartments and deliver one compartment to one customer (say on branchline operation were local usage and tankage was small)?
Any help out there?:confused:


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Rare if any, to carry multiple chemicals in one tank like that. Personaly I've only seen it once, at work we have a split tank 500gal/500gal truck with Unleaded (MOGAS) and Diesel. Thats the only time I've ever seen it, never on a rail car myself.


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From what I understand the multiple domes on the tankers were to allow for vapor expansion and other concepts which border on alchemy.

Chris Roy

I know this is an old thread, but I'm bringing it back for anyone interested. My understanding is that multi-compartment tank cars are used for transporting different commodities (or the same, as needed), though those commodities must meet certain compatibility criteria.

Here's a pic of a four-compartment car I took not long ago; from the hazard placards one can see that the three compartments to the left seem to contain the same lading, while the chemical in the fourth compartment requires a placard with a different number. It could also be that all four are carrying the same material (N-PROPANOL) noted by the 1274 UN placard, and that this material is Class 3 flammable meeting 1993 flammability rating. Also clearly labeled on the carside is the capacity of each compartment.
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good input, Chris and worth bringing back. I see multi-compartment tankers all the time (there's another advantage to living around here...). They aren't exactly common but aren't rare at all.

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