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Forgive us if we feel you don't get it. planning is probably the most important step in building a layout. It is a lot of work and unless you want a crap layout, you need to roll up your sleeves and get to work. No one can really do it for you. If you go to a pro, they won't even start working on your project until you've done your homework and filled in multiple sheets of information about specifically what you want.

You coming to the group and asking us to do it for you is like walking into a lumber store and asking the guy behind the counter to design you a house.

You have to know exactly what you want. You won't know that unless you start learning what you need to know. Layout design is hard work.

Start by reading my beginner's guide


Central Indiana & Ohio RR
Normally I don't even start layout designs without understand what the person wants. Example, last layout took 11 attempts! Ya, I know. I am patient so that was good for them.
You need to have a general idea what you want. And remember, you can fit 10 pounds of crap into a 2 pound bag.
I normally tell guys that its best to go minimal and work from there. The natural tendancy is to CRAM as much as we can.

With the space you have and HO, your pressing it to fit a yard and many industries and have BROAD curves.
I figure you could have a 4 track yard, and possibly 4-5 industries, plus a well thought out interchange to add interest.
I would suggest 28" radius curves for the mainline and get around a 22-24" for industries. You should use #5 turnouts for industries and the yard and #6 on the mainline.
Don't worry about spiral easements as this is your first real layout. That will come.
Don't go deeper the 2' for your reach. This will allow you to use caboose ground throws.
ok thanks guys for all your help, but CIOR are you sure that 28'' radii will fit in a 15ft by 10ft space? Do i have to make a doulbe deck like yours to do this?
sorry guys cant post the paint thingy, it keeps saying that the file size exceeds the forums ''limit.''

thanks all for all your help
regards:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


Yeah, I know, but my 24x40 layout is less than 100k as a JPEG...400k before. If he drew it in Paint and "saved as" a .jpg as you suggested, then he couldn't possibly be too big.
well guys the paint thing wont work, but i drew up a plan last night, the plan is gonna be made with 28'' radii curves on the ouside turns, and 26'' radii curves on the inside turns, do you think it will fit? heres the plan below,

and now heres a drawing of the room demensions(its not to scale)

note there are no pillars, wallsect separating the room at all, its just what i have drawn, there is flat ground, a doorway, and a window. The doorway opens into the room, so if you can make the area with the doorway, a little skinnyer so i can fit through, I DO NOT CARE IF THERE IS A DUCKUNDER) hopes this helps, thanks



Now we have something to work with. Good show.
Josh: Using JPEG, which is a compressed type file, should have been plenty to reduce the file size. I don't know what Paints compression ratio is set at, but even 10:1 should allow even the most huge line drawing to fit in here.
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Hope It Helps

well guys i hope this helps, hope i have a layout drawn out soon(lol just being sarcastic) although i do want one drawn its ok if you guys cant, i understand, but if you can please get it on here as soon as possible, and ill tell you what i like and what i dont like.


grove den

naturally natural trees
some thoughts...

Bnsfmodeler: May be something to think about this weekend...:) ;)
btw: I'm working on a "rough"plan/design...



Diesel Detail Freak
Oh wow, I hadn't thought about that Jos, 1' scenery + 2' Isle + 4' Island + 2' Isle, + 1' scenery = 10'! Hummm.


Central Indiana & Ohio RR
You could "bulb" the island to give you space, but its still going to be a TIGHT squeeze. Not sure your going to get a bump out in that type of space. Perhaps a small stub yard and wye? Just leave the layout around the outer walls. Use the bump in the middle to have a 6-8 track yard and engine tracks. Perhaps a small industry too.
well thanks again guys, but about the isles, i would just like them to be a minumum of 18 inches wide, and i was thinking about it, and maybe 26'' radii curves. But CIOR i have made plans for around the walls, with a yard on the pininsula, i have made many plans like that, but ended up scrapping all of them due to the mainline length. But i might not have any other options. But if you guys can get me one with a pininsula, the would be great. otherwise, just tell me and then i can design a ''around the walls'' design and show it to you to see if it would fit, hey one more thing guys, i really appriciate all of your help!!!:) :) :D :D :cool: :cool: ;) ;)

thanks again!!


Fun Lover
Two things. 18" is not enough. Oh it will be okay most of the time, then you or a fat frend is going to do some serious damage when you aren't thinking.

Second, you can run the pennisula the other way--horizontally in the picture.

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