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I decided not to pull the track to make the cuts. It time to nail it down. Oh if I could see. I’ll probably spray the track before I ballast, what color, rust brown.?


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So the book doesn't have you use any roadbed?
Yeah, good point, Even when I was in 8th grade, and didn't have a job, hence couldn't afford cork, I cut up some cardboard we had laying around the house, and put it under the tracks, to give the impression of an elevated mainline, in prep of ballasting. Only sidings got laid directly on the board, on that layout.

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Can someone explain to me the benefit of L-girder construction?
  • The "L" part makes it much stronger and stiffer than just a single 1x4, or 1x3.
  • The inside of the short part of the L gives an area where things can be attached by putting the fastener up from the bottom.
  • The top side of the short part gives a wider working area when attaching things from the top.
  • The L-girders are flexible in that they can be made to fit any size or shape of a layout by simply adding an additional cross-piece pieces or lengthening them here and there. Nothing says they have to be assembled at 90 degrees so one can put a member in a 45 and get some non-square things going.
  • Scenic mounting points can be put anywhere.
  • one can do scenery below rail grade.
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Progress. Need more lumber.


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Everything braced up, I’m happy with it, time to go to the other end.


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A little progress today got all the cuts finished I’m gonna have to go back to the lumberyard and get a few too 2x4. I need a few short Joists to keep my zero elevation in places.


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Not sure what strip your talking about.
I believe he's talking about where you have your overhead line marked out on the main plywood sheet. Where you have the blocks sitting for support of the overhead high-line trackage.

And, I'm pretty sure you're NOT going to cut that strip out of your main plywood sheet, but rather, either use a separate strip of plywood to support the high line trackage, or else truss and girder bridges to support it as shown in the book. Correct? ;)

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