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Good evening Rail Photographers,
I haven't visited this photo section for quite some time so I thought I check in again.

Say Starc: I'm flattered that you posted an image for me, thanks. Actually that's a fairly old shot and I haven't yet done too much on the layout. The Horse Shoe Meadow Depot has progressed more with all the door and window castings in, and the two chimneys with tar sealant around the edges in place on the roof and added lint to simulate smoke drifting to one side from both. The Left edge of the layout is just beyound the edge of the picture and needs to be closed in yet being open allows me access to hidden storage tracks below the center section in the foreground Right.

Say Ray-NY: Sorry for not being able to view your scene due to my old slow system. I'm sure it looks very nice though.

There's a storm brewin' . . .get those logs outta here!

View attachment 40900

Say MTS: Your old truck look very realistic alright. The stake along the edge of the bed, the logs and the license plate really great.

It's been a long time since this was taken but it has to be a favorite of mine. The loco is still downstairs in it's box but the layout is long gone. I gave it up when my wife got sick and needed full time care. After she passed on I never got back to it, so it's all still stored in their boxes along with many that never got built.
Oh! well maybe some day in the future.View attachment 60230

Say Willis: Good to see a shot of yours from the past, hope to see more of you but i know your busy like me.


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Absolutely BEAUTIFUL photos in this thread!!!

Here are two favs from our railroad.

C&S and D&RGW power on tap at Sedalia, Colo


Days end brings with it a spectacular Rocky Mountain sunset. Colorado and Southern F3s helpers run light over frosty rails as they coast down the mountain during their return trip to Sedalia, Colo. At times the Rio Grande borrows power from the C&S pool to meet the demanding schedule in the Platte Canyon mining district.

This image was shot on our 20"x30" diorama. It has a hand painted backdrop that was illuminated with a gelled, wireless Speedlite (external flash). Two additional Speedlites and a reflector were required to complete the lighting. The headlight intensity was brought out during the long exposure. Except for the momentary blast of flash this image was shot in near dark conditions. Basically, the flash provides primary lighting and the long shutter speed "burns in" the detail lights on the locomotive.

That is awesome, you layout looks amazing!

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