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It good to see the photo section once again being posted. I've been side-tracked so to speak as of late but am getting back to the forum. Lots of neat shots, for sure!

I'll have to see what I can come up with.


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Hogwarts castle



Glad to see a photo secession started again.
You've all posted some very good shots.

This one on the newest shot I've taken and corrected the background, as is evident the layout is still in progress.

I really like this seen, simple but interesting.


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Just a bit of scenery I have been doing..... This is background scenery and the road will lead to an old underpass outside of Kanandarque yard on the SLOW.



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I agree (as one Ray to another) looks like a nice day on well watered lush country side. Hope you stuffed some extra horse hair into the seat padding on the truck. With those hard rubber tires the springs (and the drivers backside) are gonna get a workout.


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Ray, that curve is outstanding! The trees and grass look real. What did you use to make the leaves?


Thank you D. A.! The foliage is mostly Woodland Scenics. The tree leaves are their flocking and the "grass/weeds" are their ground foam. I use a mixture of sizes and colors rather than a single color as nature rarely stays one color.... I also have some Scenic Express Prairie Tufts in the scene. Again I tend to use varying sizes and colors in the mix. I seal the scene (and the colors) with a fine spray of the WS Scenery Cement. Usually just use white glue to put the scenery in place. Does just as good a job and a lot cheaper! The tree trunks are twigs cut off the crab apple tree in my yard. The small rocks over on the left are actual stones from a local limestone quarry. I take crusher run and run it through a set of science sieves giving me everything from scale boulders to rock dust. The gravel road is made of rock dust from the quarry.

Oh, and thank you "toot" also! BTW the 1923 Packard stake bed truck is a Jordan Industries kit.
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Thanks very much, Southern. The loco is a Precision Craft Model from BLI, and is actually a Y6b 2-8-8-2. I get fooled by the tender lots of times as well.

BTW, this is a great long-running thread. I am enjoying seeing all the items posted, infrequent tho' they be.
Oh, my mistake, I see the 2200 on the cab now, still great looking engine and picture, I hope to have a layout and engine like that in the near future!


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A Moment from the Past

It's been a long time since this was taken but it has to be a favorite of mine. The loco is still downstairs in it's box but the layout is long gone. I gave it up when my wife got sick and needed full time care. After she passed on I never got back to it, so it's all still stored in their boxes along with many that never got built.
Oh! well maybe some day in the future.PC-1.JPG

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