I love ebay!!!!

Dangit Nate, all I've managed to pull in the way of UPS stuff is 2 Walthers vans.

Walthers had those on sale for $2.49 a piece awhile back. I ordered 12, they messed up and only sent 10 but charged for 12, and when I contacted them about it they sent me 3 more. :) I think I have at least 4-5 of the NJI kits too (some in die-cast and a couple in brass). I lost count on the parcel trailers...I'm guessing somewhere around 40. I'll have to snap a few pics of that collection and post them sometime...but the next three weeks are full of final projects and exams, graduation preparations, and the like :eek:
I got 27 Roundhouse box car kits, new in boxes for $62.00 I thought it was a good deal! And it was from a forum member too!

Almost everything I have has been bought on ebay. 5 locos,20 difco air dump cars, 20 offset hopper kits and loads, 40 craftsman building kits all track and switches. Best deal so far has been an SS ltd Jennings lumber mill for $38.00 that lists for $224.00 in Walthers. Everything else has been at least 50% off retail. Don't have to pay tax on most items so that pays the exchange and part of the shipping. I wouldn't be in the hobby if it wasn't for ebay. Ron
My last e bay purchase was in 2004..I got 2 Atlas GP7s for $37.60 each.After that I saw the bidding go crazy and quit e bay.Its silly when you see a common Athearn BB car go for $25.00 plus shipping.:(