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1904 Baltimore Fire

James M. Distler
Post 18: Looks like we're looking east at Manhattan across the Hudson river from NJ, in/near Hoboken (Sinatra's birth. Or, should I say berth ?)
I was born/grew up in NYC and L.I. and remember seeing the barges and tugs in various places around the 5 boroughs .....
Also, If I have it right, it's Empire State Building before the massive antenna was installed..The pointy one in mid picture is the Chrysler building.
Tall one on left looks near the then working High Line 🚂 and thus may be a New York Times building..Not there when I was growing up, that I remember seeing.
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Curtis seaplane tied up in Fells Point, Baltimore, MD - 1922
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That's an interesting one Louis. Jogged another childhood memory. I remember, probably as about a 7 or 8 year old, a US destroyer? visiting Auckland NZ'ed's port and being open to the public, having a seaplane mounted up on a catapult above the deck. Pretty sure it was one of these Curtis SC1's Particularly remember the large float and the single attachment to the fuselage.

Would've been about the angle I was looking at it.