Help me value these Trains


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I have no idea on how to go about selling/valuating these and working out how old they are. My father got them in the 1940s he reckons.
Could some one guide me please, I would really appreciate your time.


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If these were mine, I would sell them on ebay. Spend some time on their site looking at similar items and pick a price to start them at. Some people are surprised good and some are disappointed. Some people start everything at 99 cents and that can generate a lot of interest. I would suggest listing for a long time period to get the most exposure.

Another strategy is to list them close to what you expect and continue to relist if they are not sold.

These items look like Marklin - the give away is the small lever on the 0-6-0 which is used to manually reverse the loco.
There should be a long "Skate" under the locos as they are for 3-rail AC operation and not the more normal 2-rail DC ( or DCC)
The rolling stock also looks like Marklin according to the coupler type.
The 0-6-0 loco is model 3000 and dates from about 1957
The 0-8-0 is model 3031 or 3032 and dates from about 1959. 3031 has a remote coupler system called Telex !
It is difficult to give a value but now you know the manufacturer as LASM advises use ebay to find similar items for sale.
Both are very common in Europe- I have both locos but they may be hard to find for valuation in the U.S. where Marklin is not very common and not compatible with the more usual 2-rail DC as mentioned above.
Good luck with your search.