Getting Feeders Through Pink Foam And Plywood?


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When giving each section of track a feeder, how are you guys getting the wiring through the pink foam and plywood? I was thinking about just drilling a hole clear through and using a wire coat hanger to get the feeders to the other side.
That is one way. I actually use straws after I drill the hole. This gives a clear channel to the underside of the layout and if you use a staraw that bends you can prevent the wire from slipping through
The way we did it on a previous club layout was to drill a hole through the plywood and then force a brass tube through the foam. You then pass the wire through from the top or bottom and remove the brass tube to use for the next hole.

Just go buy a long drill bit. They come in very, very long lengths, I've seen them at nearly 12" long (twist drills).

you only need one diameter so it's not a big investment.
There is still the problem of getting the wire through the foam without it catching. Even if you buy a very long drill bit, you still might want to try using a brass tube or straw to help in passing the wire through. Getting small wires through foam always seems to catch.

The best bet is a wiring drill bit. It's a long drill bit with a hole in shaft. Drill the hole but let the bit stay in it. Thread the wire through the hole, pull drill bit up through.
I started drilling the holes last night for the feeder wires, and they fit right through without catching, but thanks for all the advice everyone.
Although I don't use foam or very little of it under the trackage I have no problem with the cork roadbed which is cut from cork sheathing. I use 3/4" plywood and the feeders are solid wire (not stranded) and when straightened I have no problem with snagging when passed through a 2mm drilled hole. A #22 single strand wire should stay straight in a hole that size. The ballast fills in around the wire.
Cheers!! Willis