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Fabrication/Assembly for our first batch of WiFi products is ready to go.


Loco-Node 0001 has been signed off as seen above; we’re restarting 0003 and will follow up with the rest as each is knocked out.

Loco-Node 0001S-V1 has an integrated Li-Po battery charger for wireless and power free track operation. It is hybrid so will recharge in areas of track power. The product also has 32 bit sound, 32 channels, and stereo, 1.7 watt, 8 ohm outputs. 1Gb or 4Gb of memory is available. This uses 802.11 WiFi for communication. No command station is required. No track based signals are used.

Loco-Node 0003B-V1 has the battery charger but lacks sound. All nodes feature full prototype LED lighting pads.

I have two nodes that do not have the battery charger and are designed for 12V operation on continuously powered track. They also use WiFi for control signals.
Loco-Node 0002S-V1 has sound. The sound nodes also have fan motor outputs.

Loco-Node 0004B-V1 does not have sound, it too is designed for 12V motor operation.

Next up after the Locomotive based nodes are complete are signal, track, and accessory products.

I am taking reservations by email to schedule and plan the initial production run.

Billing will not occur until the product is ready to ship.

For more information see the web-site, as we’ll start posting more content as things firm up on this project.

This product uses wireless, 802.11 for communication as a M2M mesh.

The nodes use ARM9 CPU’s running Linux 2.6.

Orders under Railflyer on this project will be filled with the new system. These orders do not however influence the production number needed to launch fabrication/assembly.

As of now, we’re just under 50% of the required numbers on Loco-Node 0001 to meet our budgetary requirements for production.

Take care,

Christopher Howard, Phoenix-Micron Inc.
I posted some images to the Facebook page linked to the website.

Yesterday IC's came for the WiFi and I got a module for testing and firmware.

The design works, we got the processor able to modify and set up the WiFi successfully as an access point.

As of last night 0001 and 0002 are ready for production. 0002 hit 45 mm for length.

The next few days will be spent setting up the Wifi mesh and move the node over to a device. I can do data, video, voice, and sound with this module while we finish the other node designs.

Bottom om line is the WiFi is alive and it works. Was actually able to access the node with my iPAD upstairs from the node.

Truly brings the Internet of Everything to scale railroading.


We will have some sort of demo up tonight, just confirmed this with the main developer

I was able to get the video working over WiFi last night

Loco-Nodes 0001 - 0004 are all done design, expecting 3D CAD files today for other projects

Track-Nodes 0005 and 0006 are not yet posted to the web-site but design work on them is also done

0005 is stall motor type controller, 0006 will run servo motors with both having WiFi and being able to take battery input or power bus input

We're going to get a few boards for demo work. The lead time on the first production batch is 20 - 30 days once we hit 100 units of sold on any of the boards

0001 is half way to that point
we will provide control software for iOS, Android, and Windows

a server/forum will be set up for help and downloads

the nodes update through the wireless, all you need is an internet connection for updates

items such as light profiles, sound will be considered "containers" that you can graphically configure and update

so the firmware becomes living and breathing

here is a sample of the Android application,

the cost for the control app is $40, then we'll set up a registration process for a small yearly MX fee for updates so we can continuously develop new features

as for a dedicated controller, anything that can run the software and has a WiFi antenna will work

so you have an entire basement set up with a touch screen PC as your dispatch, then tablets as your throttles

the Loco-Nodes will recharge of AC track power or DC. you can run them on a DCC layout but your cab will have to be the throttle with a control app

you cannot consist a DCC and Loco-Node locomotive together but you can run trains with Loco-Nodes on a DCC layout

the Track-Nodes are not yet posted

there is also a Signal-Node and Recharge Module coming

the Recharge module will enable you to set up a power bus similar to DCC but no command signal will pass through it. all command signals are through the WiFi connection.

the recharge module will have a power supply for the power bus and a recharge port so you can charge batteries used if you go with batteries on your Track/Signal Nodes.

the battery equipped nodes will recharge of AC or DC power, if you have areas of no power, they will run off the battery. they will also run while charging.

if you are smart with your layout planning, you can wire in a power bus at strategic locations only, thus you can have everything up and running in a weekend versus DCC.

obviously the Linux based processors on the nodes, and ability of this system to provide both feedback and command signals will make it perfect for the prototype layout.

there is a motion sensor in the locomotive nodes which down the road will give layout mapping so you can have wireless signal blocks and track automation.

the Loco-Nodes are posted here:

Battery with Sound

No Battery with Sound

Battery no Sound

No Battery No Sound
i think to make an easy answer, this concept is the Internet of Everything, its more of an M2M system than DCC and uses your everyday smart devices for control versus a dedicated controller which sends out track based signals
work is progressing on the KODO WiFi mesh, will post when we got some test code ready, took a few days to organize efforts but we're moving forward.

the first track based nodes are starting to trickle in. Track-Node 0005 will control up to 6 stall type motors for turn out's using WiFi. It will take input power from a power bus or battery.

some components will be removed from this image but the final layout is nailed at 32 mm x 55 mm with all components on one side.

Track-Node 0006 has its schematics done. it will power up to six servo motor type turn-outs.

Signal-Node 0007 will provide outputs for 6 sets (red/amber/green) of signals.

all use power bus input or battery power with WiFi for control signals.

Just some cleanup on this page, reservations are due by June 30th for July production slots, aiming for the second week of July if all goes according to plan - FYI Murphy flies with me.

All Nodes will be Xpressnet compatible so you can use with existing systems. To migrate to our controller software does not require hardware changes - this is just a hedge against compatibility with existing systems until we get our features fully implemented.

Keep in mind our data rates are twice the industry standard and the boards are smart devices, not micro-controllers - we have a lot of room for growth and prototypical features you cannot do with DCC.
Loco-Node 0001 has enough orders to go into production - we have a slot for 100 units on July 12th

The others are ready for production, will be done when sufficient reservations are made.


Christopher Howard, Phoenix-Micron Inc.


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What size loco's will these fit in? Also how thick are the units?
Looks similar to railpro but wifi (which is better)

The nodes are all posted here, the dimensions are in MM. All of the profiles are thin, as I used low profile and QFN type components.

Click on the products for more specs.

Yes, the data speed is 74 MBPS which is twice the existing Xpressnet format.

A smaller version of 0004 is planned down the road if these will not fit.
Loco-Node 0001S-V1.1 starts fabrication Friday. 116 boards being run. Not sure yet what Node is next, any can go. These are 6 layer boards, 1 MM thickness, red solder mask with gold immersion pads. Red is the favorite color of my oldest some Terence. 2 1/2 years of work nearing completion - well not really, just the start of the next phase.

We'll have some software updates as soon as Canada Post delivers the development module I sent our lead programmer Juan last week so he can do some testing with our compiled code.
Juan's made good progress on software - we will have the basic system in place by the end of the week.

The firmware is going to be a proprietary multicast solution. We looked at various existing solutions and none will work.

I have a family vacation coming up, will be back the 21st. The 0001 PCB's will be in hand by then. We'll show some simulations when I get back.


Christopher Howard, Phoenix-Micron Inc.


Before you buy from Chris read a article in Model Railroad Hobbist Magazine. You may be able to change funky drawers , but you can change funky smell. Buyer beware
Before you buy from Chris read a article in Model Railroad Hobbist Magazine. You may be able to change funky drawers , but you can change funky smell. Buyer beware
I understand frustrations but Railflyer Model Prototypes Inc. failed because of the lose of sales resulting from libel/slander, lost tooling in China, and defective equipment we purchased to re-tool in house.

To date 100% of Phoenix-Micron Inc. orders have been completely filled and shipped.

We need to sell what we have now to redo what we lost, so don't shoot yourself in the foot thinking you are doing yourself a service by continuing to libel/slander me.
Just a quick update on the Loco-Nodes

1) We have our IC and FCC certification ID for Phoenix-Micron Inc. Thus I can make our labels and start the "paperwork" end so we can avoid delays in shipping certified parts. The approval will be modular so subsequent releases based on our WiFi SiP do not require physical testing.

2) Juan has written business and trading applications for the worlds fourth largest online day trading company. He's also a very accomplished musician. Trust me he is smart. He FINALY cracked the software last night. He's followed the "Read Me" and example exactly since he got the demo mode but some software ran, others crashed. He found the problem was he downloaded the 64 bit compiler instead of 32 bit. He reinstalled the software last nigh and everything works. What this means is we can now run and test our own software on the development nodes. Last night we successfully sent and received a "Hello". This cracks the software wide open for development.

3) The first lot of Loco-Node 0001 will be finished fabrication anytime now. Working on three sizes of lots for assembly, 1 panel, 3 panels and all 7 panels. Will know later now many we do.

I posted a new 6 volt motor and a new Li-PO which are suitable for existing Athearn Clone drive re powering which will enable you to use 0001 on dead track.

Take care,
We have enough confirmed orders to run one panel of 16 boards, lead time is 20 working days for kitting and assembly, with 6 working days per week. If you want to purchase, please do so.

We have an additional 6 panels of 16 PCB's each for the next production run.

Extra panels is not hard to keep available, however there is considerable expense on kitting and assembling the boards so that will be done to order in multiples of 16.

This covers Loco-Node 0001S-V1.1 - additional boards will be run for the other seven variations as things come to life.

I also want to announce Auto-Node 0008 has it's schematics complete. This node will bring RC control to a car or truck model using WiFi and wireless charging from an imbedded road induction system. More will be posted when it's PCB layout is complete. I am trying to make it as small as possible. One motor output for 4 mm coreless motors is available for steering and another for driving. There are 8 LED outputs for special effects.

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