Do you use DCC?

What control system do you use?

  • Conventional DC, not interested in DCC

    Votes: 19 9.4%
  • Conventional DC but will upgrade to DCC in the future

    Votes: 22 10.8%
  • Battery power and/or radio control

    Votes: 3 1.5%
  • Mix of DCC and conventional and will continue to use both

    Votes: 23 11.3%
  • Currently upgrading my system to be DCC only

    Votes: 23 11.3%
  • I currently use DCC exclusively

    Votes: 112 55.2%
  • Other system: Computer control, live steam etc.

    Votes: 1 0.5%

  • Total voters


DCC is one of the most important new technologies in model railroading for quite some time. It can literally change the way you run your model railroad, allowing features and options that weren't available.

Pretty much everyone agrees it's a great technology. There are also some major drawbacks, such as the cost and effort involved in retro-fitting an existing layout and fleet of rolling stock.

I'm curious to know whether you use or are planning to use DCC on your model railroad.
Not currently, but I am planning to. Just need to save my pennies....(and larger change).

I really haven't decided what system to go with, either.
Conventional for now, at least while I'm in the building stage. My buget is aimed at scenery and upgrading locos and rolling stock to be somewhat protypical looking and better running.

Cheers Willis
Just bought a used Digitrax Big Boy system from someone on this list. Thank you Bill K. I am in the process of getting it set up and I really like it so far. I have run a digitrax system at a friends layout and that is why I am in the process of switching.
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Atlas Master system for over two years. Would never go back to conventional.

Jeff: I recommend the Lenz entry level set. If you are going to get a handheld throttle, it's not worth getting the Atlas system since it's about the same price, but more limited in features. If you don't mind just once controller though, the Atlas system is a robust Lenz based design, and is extremely affordable, making it a bargain entry into DCC controls.
A handheld is definitely one of the requirements - I've been spoiled by Joe Fugate's EasyDCC system. But I don't need something that complex.

I keep drooling over Digitrax Zephyr and Prodigy Advance systems...
Use the Digitrax before you buy it. Some people love it, some hate it, don't buy it before you know which of those two you are. Heh.

Easy DCC is okay, but yes, I think it's a bit too much. As for Prodigy, I'm not big on anything that MRC does in DCC, it's always a price-point driven market for them, so it always feels a bit less than it should. (An acquaintance of mine up here just dumped his Prodigy for Easy DCC.)
I got back into the hobby a couple years ago after being out if it for about 40 years. (When I was a kid).

I got a MRC Command 2000 and though it has few features, it works great for me at present. However, I am planning to upgrade to sound and will likely switch to a Digitrax system.
I am planning to use it on my new layout and Bachmann have just introduced a new system over here in the UK which a friend of mine oozes confidence over. Will probably try that one and upgrade later if I feel I need to. The cost for this system is running at £50 with decoders at about £20. I beleive this equates to about $100 and $40 respectively.
Well, I've gone DCC... at <$100 including shipping, a Prodigy DCC system just seemed like the ticket.

It works, and my Atlas GP38 has never run so slowly.... it's really nice!

And it has few enough features that I'm not spending more time programming my loco than running it.
Just upgraded from wired handheld throttles to wireless throttles. It makes a nice difference not to drag that cord around the layout room.

i use the mrc command 2000 system it workes fine for me it just runs my motive power. all my switches are manual throws
I've just add a second system to my old one. I had a simple multi protocol system which can handle DCC, the Maerklin "Motorola I and II" data format and DC (really DC on the track, but not at the same time in digital mode).

Now I've the LENZ Set 100 system and I'm totally satisfied. I've a lot of sound decoders in operation, most from BLI (Quantum) and they need up to 12 functions. Also I love multi traction with 3-5 locomotives, all with sound for shure!!!

In Germany a new system is now on the market. It's called "MFX" and will be delivered by Maerklin. When you drop the locomotive to the track, the decoder send back all informations about itself (Real Name and parameters). So it's an easy to use and very comfortable system. It's also compatible to the old Maerklin data format.

I expect a similar system from TRIX which will be compatible to DCC (MFX and DCC format).

Also we've here a data format called SELECTRIX. Most advantage are the very small decoders, so they are the best choice for n-track. Also this system is very stable. But finally TRIX stops this system this year and changed in a first step to DCC. So only some minor companies go on with SELECTRIX.

DCC Super Empire Builder... Digitrax. (HO Layout)

Slowly converting my motive power to decoders. Have done about 10 out of 30 so far. Now I am trying to mix in some onboard sound. Recently purchased an HO GP9, LifeLike Proto 2000 w/ the Quantam sound/mobile decoder. It is spoiling me.
My son gave me a Lenz System 100 for Christmas 2003 (guess that dates ME!). Converting the fleet has been a slow process, but for the simplicity in wiring the layout, it's definitely worth it. Not to mention the ability to have two trains running in the same block. I wouldn't go back to DC for anything.
I have been DCC for a couple of years. Starting with the Atlas system and changing over to NCE. Originally was Dynatrol, so the conversion was more of changing the decoders as the system was already wired. On a switching layout as I have the number of engines in one area makes this an easy choice.
Finally bought myself a new Digitrax Super Empire Builder with a DT400 walkaround. WOW!!!!!!! this is like driving a Cadillac after runing around in a Vega.
Wow, I guess I'm the only pure DC guy around.
I don't envision myself building "the" layout within the next year, so the decision on DC/DCC isn't important yet, but I feel like DC will be plenty versatile enough for me.
(I should mention that I'm cheap.)
Have seen some DCC/sound-equipped N scale steamers running, and they were almost sweet enough for me to change eras, if it weren't for the lack of subwoofer-specific frequencies.
To sum up: Maybe
(I have a heart full of neutrality)
I still don't expect to go over to DCC any time soon. None of my current locos are DCC ready [Nscale] and money is way too tight.

I am wireing my layout for dual throttles though not on the same loop [of multiple blocks] at the same time. This reduces the amount of wireing, compared to full multi-throttle block control, but it still requires a LOT of wires soldered to a lot of toggle switch terminals...
I can see where I could convert all or part to DCC at a later date.
Keith 55 said:
Wow, I guess I'm the only pure DC guy around.

I'm with ya keith55! :D
My New York & Western RR is all DC.
I like the benefits of DCC, but right now DC fits my needs. :cool: