Did F7's even have steam generators


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After realizing I made a few mistakes with my recent fueling pad post I went looking for answers. Although I never worked on a F7 I thought some were used in passenger service but I guess not. None of the photos I looked at indicated they had a steam generator. I did work on E7's a few times and I thought the boiler water tank was upright in the rear of the engine but wrong again. After looking at an E7 manual at http://www.rr-fallenflags.org/manual/nyc-e7.html it was under the engine next to the fuel tank and according to the manual held 1600 gallons of water. I guess the only engine I truly know is the EMD FL9 only used by the Penn Central's Hudson, Harlem and New Haven lines. So if there's any questions about FL9's that any body wants to know I'll be glad to answer them. Finding an online E7 manual was a surprise though.

I'm probably gonna show my ignorance here, but could the steam generators have been limited to the F7B?
I found a good thread on this topic over on Trains.com:

Upshot is that F7's could (but didn't always) have a steam generator but were equipped with very small tanks - 200-300gal. The 4' longer FP's had room for a much larger tank.

That was a great thread Jeff. Every thing you wanted to know about F7's and steam generators. So I got it right after all. I just have to add an exhaust pipe to the roof.