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My final decision is NCE power cab.. It's not pro cab, but it does look good from what I saw on a hobby shop's layout running NCE power cab! :D


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After reading all the love for Digitrax, and other systems. I will have to say that CVP EASY DCC is what I use. I have started to program momentum and braking functions and speeds, custom speed tables to run my locos in a lash up.

As for wireless, CVP offers the only true wireless throttle, as with Digitrax, you have to plug it in to accquire and program, with CVP you do not. Also I did not care for the big and ugly DT-400.

As for customer service, all I can say is, EXCELLANT. I will get off my soap box.... I do agree that if you are in a round robin, or a club, use what they do, as for the tech help and saving the cost of buying a different throttle.

Having paitence is a requirement when install hard wired decoders in N scale Kato F's, LOL or any unit for that matter. Just have fun!!!

Adios Wyatt


Before converting all my locos to sound, I used a lot of Digitrax and NCE decoders and never had a problem with them. I wouldn't be to quick to condemn Digitrax command stations as it probably had nothing to do with your programming problems. Digitrax provides you with many varibles for programming and it is up to you as to how far you want to go. The more advanced will require more study and patience.
It is very easy to make a mistake in hard wiring your decoder trying to match the color code, decoder to loco. While all decoder manufacturers follow the NMRA standard, some loco manufacturers still do not. You actually have to trace the wires back to the pickup or lights to get it right. Bachmann is probably the worst. To add to the problem, some older locos need special considerations in the wiring. Even plug in play for a Bachmann can lead to problems because of their International wiring scheme on the light board. Some locos have 1.5 or 3 volt lights and have to be delt with by adding resistors, going for 12-16 volt bulbs, or using a Digitrax 163LO. ETC...

FYI: An NCE N scale decoder fits great in an HO P2K S1 with plenty of amp rating.


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I wouldn't worry about Digitrax, NCE, or Lenz going under. The only possible way that could happen is if the founders die unexpectely, like Don Wangrow did. Each of the three have solid folks running the place; AJ and Zana Ireland at Digitrax, Jim Scorse at NCE, and Bernd Lenz (or, Stan and Debbie Ames in the US) for Lenz. So, unless these folks get bored and decide to become hermits or something, their companies should stick around.

The other issue related to this is that since their user bases are so large, they could be candidates to be bought out in that event, and they would continue to operate in that manner.

As far as decoders go, the only Digitrax decoder I use is the DH163LO, for the P2K locos. It has the 1.5v transformer on it, so I don't have to swap out bulbs (I hate doing that, period!). I have one of their new Sound FX decoders on order, just to see what they're like. But, for the rest, I use TCS, NCE, Soundtraxx, and Loksound. I have a couple of Lenz ones sitting around, plus 2-3 already in locos.



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The NCE Pro Cab is interesting, because folks dismissed it as being too big and complex when it first came out way back when. People called it the Hammerhead, the TV Remote, etc. In the meantime, Digitrax came out with their DT300, which could do a lot of the same things that the Procab could, except you had to do what I called the CNTR-ALT-DEL/three-finger salute to enable those things. I liked the Procab because when you wanted to do something, the button was there. There are a lot of them, but there's a button for everything you wanted to do.

I was greatly amused when Digitrax came out with the DT400. And, I noticed that the Prodigy cabs are junior hammerhead types...



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Can you MU locomotives with MRC and NCE? Also, will any decoder work with either system, i.e. will MRC program NCE or Digitrax decoders?


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You should be able to MU any decoder version with the other. MRC, Lenz, Digitrax, NCE, and any other I may have missed using MRC's Consisting format.

You should also be able to program them as well since for the most part they us the NMRA standards for DCC.

Bob A.


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I purchased the NCE Power cab a little while ago, and believe it to be awesome. Its just like the Pro Cab system, just toned down. They even offer booster packs for it, plus you can MU as many engines as the system can handle. I have tried Digitraxx, but im just not convinced on them personally. NCE has been with me since 2000. Thats when I started learning how to use DCC. Either way, no complaints for NCE here. They have done everything I have needed them to.

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Also I did not care for the big and ugly DT-400.

He, he, he said ugly and DT400 in the same sentence. :eek: I'm devastated. :D Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'll continue to tell my DT400 how pretty she is. :D


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Define Ugly!

Uhhh...Rex, all you and Grandeman gotta do is look in the mirror!:D:D:D:D;)
Couldn't resist that!

Actually, anyone who says they don't like having to program on a Digitrax throttle, probably hasn't tried it on a DT-400. Its just as easy on this throttle as any other current State of the Art throttle out there. Right Rex/GM?

If they use the JMRI/DecoderPro system, they don't even have to remember what CV does what. They can do quick programming using the basic programmer, detailed programming using the comprehesive programmer, and even go into the individual CV programmer included and do even more! :) Plus if you create a roster entry for the loco in question, if you replace the decoder with a new one, you just download all your previous programming parameters into the new decoder from the roster. Takes less than 1 minute depending on the speed of the computer.

I've been using this system for over a year. Long enough to have forgotten how to program via any throttle. Its just too easy to use rather than to go back programming on a throttle.


:p :p hisssssssssss!

Yeah, you're right CJ; the DecoderPro software is a breeze to use. I like the idea of always having my decoder CV values on file. That way when I need to adjust a CV, but not sure of the previous setting, I can simply look it up. This is particularly handy when you have to default a loco.

For those of you that still think Digitrax requires hexadecimal programming, Wrong! With the Digitrax DT400 it is only an option.

DT400 has too many buttons for you? Well, they are only there if you need them for more advanced programming and operations. All the essential ones are conveniently located for easy operation including dual control, turnout control, functions, address call-back, and etc.

From everything I've read over the last few years, NCE is a very good system. I cannot judge personally, but it would be hard pressed to beat the reliability and flexibility of the Digitrax system.


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That! Was....AWESOME! I mean, that was a slap in the Face!!! :D UHHH, I mean, you guys that was uncalled for!!! :mad: :p

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Guys, I was required by Alabama Rail Gang bylaws to respond to Carey's barb in a thouroughly insulting way. I'm a bit disappointed that Rex showed such flagrant disregard for said bylaw...:D :D :D I'm sure he'll make up for it at this weekend's ARG meet. :D


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Since you mentioned this weekend, I was concerned about a dimly lit area of the layout and how to remedy the problem. Then Carey came over and took off his hat...problem solved (I had to put on sunglasses.):p :D :D :D :D

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