Christmas Under My Tree


Entrepreneurial Teen
Well, since we finally got the tree decorated today, I though I'd share a few pictures. I dug my Lego train out of the garage and set it up under the tree this year...nothin' fancy, but you get the idea.

1) Seems like the "Little Engine that Could" gave this guy some motivation (even so, I had to add some weight to him)...this little two-axel engine pulls a passenger car, some trucks, and a special delivery around the tree.

2) The lights actually work, but only when the train is running, so I had to stick a block under the wheels to get this shot (sorry about the blurriness).

3) A trackside house. They must be railfans...there's a speeder in their front yard.

4) These trucks are on their way home after some last-minute deliveries.
5) My younger sister built a house for Santa.

6) The Christmas tree that towers over the train.

7 & 8) Some of the passengers on their way to visit family and friends.