Bowser buys Stewart


Non Rivet Counter
I just saw a post in another discussion group that Bowser has bought Stewart. Has anyone else heard this?
Sheesh, who's gonna be left?
Bowser has Stewart.
Horizon has Athearn and MDC.
Some venture capitalists from NY has LifeLike.
Who's next?
Kind of wonder how this will all turn out. One thing I'm thankfull for, I bought all the Athearns I need for my conversions, before Horizon purchase of Ath. The thing I see more often now is the Athearn RTR which leaves me kind of confused :confused: is this just a completed Blue Box kit or something new. If it is just comparable to a completed BB kit, then one might as well pay the few more $$ and get the Genesis.
Looks like someone thinks there's gold in the modelrailroaders pockets and they're going to dig it out.

Cheers Willis