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grande man

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Hi all. I hope everone's week went well and the weekend goes better! :)

As a kickoff, here's Grande SW1200 #137 getting pushy with a covered hopper.



Well, I don't have any pretty pictures, but I thought I would show everyone that I do work on the layout. These are of my Sawmill Ridge project that I have been working on for a couple of months now.

The ridge will be covered in an additional 150 trees on top and I haven't a clue about the bottom yet:confused:. The scene is where Blue Creek cuts through Unnamed Gorge. There is a mainline on the upper level 3, a spur to the sawmill on level 2, and a spur to undecided industry on the lower level 1. The Trestle is scratchmade and is 42" long. There will be a short Deck trestle scratchbuilt for the creek under the trestle.

Not shown is the framing of the hills on the duckunder while the plaster dries. I hope to have it all plastered this weekend.





Tom White
Nice photo as usual, Eric--neat detail. Your close-ups still make me jealous, LOL! Rex--Sawmill Ridge really looks cool--and I really like your yard. But I bet you end up with more than 150 trees, believe me. I thought I was just going to 'dot' the top of the Sierra Buttes with some small evergreen, I ended up using a ton of the little dears, and that was just to give an impression of growth. Trees are like that--you just keep running out!

Okay, here's a curiosity that I picked up at my LHS. It's an M.B.Austin brass model of a Santa Fe 3100 series 2-8-2. Now that might not seem quite so unusual, but this model dates from the early to mid 1950's, and except for the bell and the trailing truck, I can't find an actual brass casting on it. The locomotive seems to be entirely made up of turned and fitted sheet or tube brass. I don't know whether the tender is original or not--I know the tender trucks are WAY too new for the tender body. It's got the original motor, runs okay, but noisy, and the gearing is REALLY high for a freight loco. I think I'm going to replace the motor with a NWSL can. I already put Tomar track-sliders on the loco and tender, and improved the slow speed a little. I got it for a song, and I wouldn't have bothered in the first place, except that the age of the loco fascinated me. I mean, this loco is probably older than a lot of guys on this website!!
Anyway, here she is.



If anyone out there has an exact manufacture date for this loco, I'd sure appreciate hearing about it.
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Tom, you are probably right about the trees. There are already 50 trees in that one little area. I guess I will have to buy some more seed. Ha!


House Mother, Cheerleader
You guys make me so jealous of your beautiful scenery and detail work! I think it's time to mortgage the house and start a modern layout on the other end of the yard! :D


Fun Lover
I got to get back to work on my layout. IT's been too long that life has gotten in the way. Rex. Nice stuff. Tom keep us posted on that engine. I haven't had the cajones to buy anything brass (nor the money) so I don't even know what to look for. Eric. Nices pictures. (I don't see the car cards though :D)


Master Mechanic
I'm not gonna have any this weekend Eric. My wife came down with a "bug" and it has made her sick. She's a workaholic and hasn't called in sick in ten years. It's killing her to have had to do it. So I've been taking care of her this week and have done absolutely nothin' train wise. Our club's show is this weekend and unless she is better I may miss it. With my luck the only thing I'll get from this week is her bug.


Master Mechanic
Meant to add;

Rex NICE!!! You've done a lot of work since I was last there. Lookin' good!! Lookin' real good!!


Stay off the tracks!
Lady Railfan - there are advantages to modeling in a smaller scale.

OTOH, this is what I did this morning:



I definitely need more light here - I've got six surface mount fixtures to install soon. They'll have 75w equivalent CFL's in them.



Jeff, I have certainly been there. This was my layout 2 years ago :D.

Lady Rail Fan: You already have some of the best scenery...the great outdoors. ;)


grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
Rex, the "ridge" is coming along nicely! Folks, in case you haven't noticed yet, Rex is building a "real deal" model RR! The trestle is a work of art (as is the whole layout).

Tom, I love the new steamer. It's age gives it wonderful character. Those are some great shots!

CJ, sorry to hear the Mrs isn't feeling well. I hope she feels better soon.

Here's our latest pic. I posted it over on the existing "Showing Off, Dand it Billy Bob" thread as an update, but thought I'd post it here too.

Switch crew discusses a recent rash of vandalism with local police.


The Name's Really Matt...
I can see the caption now...



Tom White
Eric--those are wonderful shots of the cops surveying Billy Bob's handiwork--doughnuts and coffee? Seriously, I think you've been infected with the John Allen sense of humor (and detail) and in my book, that's just great! Keep it up!

NWR #200

Irish Expatriate
Welp, I didn't nor will get any model rr stuff done. I do however have a railroad related job interview tomorrow. Wish me Luck :)

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