Any ideas on a fun shelf layout?


I was wondering...with me having to go to Korea soon (U.S Army) maybe I should just build a shelf layout instead of my original plan. Is there any really neat plans for a shelf layout that could be expanded (If I choose to do so) I have tried to design my own track plan and know that I want a switching layout, but I'd like to see some ideas. Is there any out there that you guys suggest? I'd like to see any pics you guys may have! Thanks guys!

hello Rich,

I am not an expert in designing small layouts... but try on internet with: "small mrr/ layouts" on Google and scroll your way to the one you like the most . But I am shure here are members who know exactly where to find small mrrlayouts on internet .
Hope your stay in Korera won't be too long!

I just designed a short shelf layout of my adopted home town. I think a switching layout is most interesting if you take a section of a railroad you are interested in and recreate it. I was lucky in that my adopted home town has an interesting rail terminal of a short PRR branch line. Here's the Sanborn Map and the layout.

In HO scale this is 30" by 12 feet. In N scale it would be about 16" by 6.5 feet, but I would lengthen the staging in N scale.



For a good overall view of designing small layouts look for Iain Rice's Small, Smart and Practical Track Plans. He gives tricks you never would have thought of.
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I love Chip's new design there, that might be fun. But if you're into making it interesting, make sure there's allot of switching that requires a few moves.
If you want some fun, but challenging switching, try incorporating one of these versions of the famous TIME SAVER. They take up little space and you can modify them anyway you want. I will be modifying something similar for a town area. ;)
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You know Rex, i just found out last week that I won that copy of Model Railroader, very nice article!