Another Chance to do it right!


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Now that the bench work and the trackwork is done, the trains can run, things are looking good, and you can give yourself a pat on the back.

Is there anything that you would do differently?

For myself, there is a wall at the far end that wouldnt be there, and would give me another about 10ft X 10ft more space to put in a roundhouse and table. But the way I look at it now, there is no way I'm going to tear up any of what I've done.

Cheers Willis
I used existing lumber to hold up the framework. The new module creates an Island layout, and since I've been too lazy to clean out and reorganize more of the basement so I can walk around it, I find myself crawling under it (temporarily). The existing legwork is too low for this, so I need to raise everything a few inches....

Of course, cleaning is still an option....


I know what you mean, I went downstairs to clean up, :eek: but ended up running trains. :D After three years of planning, building and testing, who could blame me. ;) Not too bad though out of 8 engines only two are a bit noisy (some shell chatter). :confused:

Cheers Willis
LoL. I go out in the garage intending to find the floor ( :p ) and I usually end up finding something else to play with...But what's the point of cleaning if it's only going to get dirty again :confused:
Well I got the rough stuff off the floor, and run trains, mostly to clean track. Locos pushing cleaner cars. Went very well last night (Boy OH! Boy), was great tonight till, clank! diesel truck off the road, looked like it picked the point rail. Now you guess. it had to be on the top loops, with barely enough clearance for the trains from the deck overhead. Couldnt feel anything wrong, points were in place but it kept derailing, wasn't the wheels, so with trusty screwdriver in hand, I removed 1 board about 8 ft long. Low and behold something changed because the track was now floating on air. Well it's fixed now and tommorow there will be an access hatch over them two turnouts. Now why didn't I think of that before? So I'll be doing this right the second time. :D

Cheers Willis