A place to show off??? is it a possibility?



Not that I am a showoff but I was wondering if there are others who would like a place just to show pictures of their stuff all scales, era, porjects etc etc? I know it would be nice to have a Model Railroad Gallery similar to the Railraod Photo Gallery. I know space is always an issue...its just a thought. Mods....fellow modelers what do you think?

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"Mountain Goat" Greg
Hi Greg, well there are certainly lots of places you can post your photos, and I for one would be happy to view them, I like photos. Perhaps you haven't noticed yet, but at the top of the page in the blue banner is a link to the "Railroad Photo Gallery" where you can open an Album and add the link to your album in your signature as I've done to mine for this post. There isn't much in my album but give it a try. If you need help in setting this up , just ask. ( I'm not positive but I belive you will have to be a member of the RailroadForums.com also), maybe someone else can confirm that. For myself I just post my pic's where they fit in, like in the section Layout Design & Operation where there are topics for just about everything pertaining to Model Railroading.
Hope this helps till someone comes along with a better idea. :D

Cheers Willis
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The photo gallery serves both forums, although I'm not sure either about membership requirements. But the cost to join RR Forums is totally tax deductable so what the heck.
The gallery has model catagories and is best used to keep pictures of your finished projects and pictures that would be used for reference by someone else. It is more searchable than the forums.
For just showing off, start a thread here in the forums. That way it's easier to ask for comments, and for other people to join in and show off similar stuff.
Either way, post pics!!. We all like to look (Hmm, makes us sound like a bunch of dirty old men - said in best dirty voice "Why don't you take the shell off that loco and show us what ya got Heh, Heh Heh")
OK time for the medication.

well, ah recognize a soldered athearn jest about anywheres, pahdner....interesting coiling method you use. I used the "spring-coil" method myself. and instead of soldering to the to tab on the truck I use a 1/4" spade connector and slip it right over the metal tab. It's easier to remove, which at the time seemed like a good idea. However, in 20 years I can remember ever needing to take them off, so soldering was probably a better thing....
....interesting coiling method you use. I used the "spring-coil" method myself.
:D don't know, guess you could call mine a "pig tail". Guess I thought that was the way it was done, AH! well it works quite well, and as long as there is very little movement in the wire and it doesn't impeed the truck movement. :)
Cheers Willis
Ed's correct, the whole forum is designed with photography in mind. Post your pics in the category that best suits them. If they're general in nature, i.e. photos of your layout and rolling stock etc, pick the appropriate scale section (HO, O, N etc) and post them there.
Posting in the photo gallery

In order to post in the photo gallery, you must be a member of our sister forum, railroadforums.com. If you've signed up here, the registration process for that forum will be quite familiar to you, it uses the same software.

The photo gallery uses the Railroadforums.com member database, so that's why you have to be a member of that forum to post there.

I've got good news though! (No, it does not have anything to do with insurance...)

All current members of model railroadforums.com qualify for a FREE membership in railroadforums.com! That's right, sign up today and as a member of model railroadforums.com you'll get a free membership, with no monthly fees or registration charge.

Of course you can get a free membership even if you're not a member of this forum... ;)
Tell you what I'm gonna do... :)

I've created a new "showin' off" category, as an experiment. You're welcome to give it a try and we'll see what happened.

Please be selective about what you post there, don't forget about all of the other categories we have and post all you shots in one place!