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  1. Pumpkin Feed Mill

    Pumpkin Feed Mill

    Kitbashed from two Walthers kits and hand painted.
  2. Glacier Cement & Aggregates

    Glacier Cement & Aggregates

    Two Walthers kits used together.
  3. A

    Walthers Proto Pennsylvania Railroad E8 Parts

    I have a Walthers Proto E8 that I need a new front pilot and front coupler assembly. Its the PRR Broadway Limited version of the locomotive. I called Walthers and they unfortunatley do not stock parts for this model anymore. If anyone has an extra set of parts or a shell for an E8 or and leads...
  4. Iron Horseman

    Walther's Named Train Survey

    I don't know how long this survey has been out there since one of the trains listed is "B&O Capital Limited" of which I already have about 1/3 the set in hand..... But please take the time to go out and fill it out. Also, for me, please indicate you would definitely buy the CB&Q Denver...
  5. H

    The rare Auto rack

    Hello everyone, I have created the all rare auto rack ramp that was once produced by Walthers. Go check out the model on https://www.shapeways.com/model/2808319/auto-rack-lift-verson-1-0.html?li=aeTabs Hope every one will enjoy the model. I would recommend the High detail plastic, not the white...
  6. P

    Kato my Walthers F40ph

    Title says it all. I want to custom detail my Walthers F40ph with a custom paint scheme, in commuter configuration a la Metra, with ditch lights, markers, grab irons, etc. Would love some advise from anyone who has tackled this beast to assist. This will be my first venture into super...
  7. G

    Walthers Great Circus Train Accessories

    I am a resident of Australia and have been attempting to collect HO Circus wagons and other accessories from the Walthers Series. Has any complete, definitive list ever been generated? All of my models have come from eBay and I keep seeing different ones every now and then. I am wondering...
  8. Roofer


  9. WCTR Jordan Spreader ex-GN

    WCTR Jordan Spreader ex-GN

    Walthers Jordan Spreader converted to 'summer blade" using original plow. The actual prorotype is Green Bay and Western X190, as it was also fashioned in this manner.
  10. Burlington Northern SW1 #93

    Burlington Northern SW1 #93

    Detailed Walthers SW1 #93. Numberboard lettering, plow, beacon, and spark arrestor (although not shown in this pic, the arrestor was later added)
  11. Cargill Grain and Feed Facility

    Cargill Grain and Feed Facility

    A work in progress, all that the complex needs now is scenery work, roadbed, and a roof for the unloading building. In the foreground is the soon-to-be-decaled Bachmann 44t, and in the background (off the track) is the Walthers SW-1 in Cargill paint.
  12. Walthers 90' turntable

    Walthers 90' turntable

    The new yard at Westport got its engine facility.
  13. Weathered Walthers CSX 4 Bay Coal Hopper

    Weathered Walthers CSX 4 Bay Coal Hopper

    This one was an earlier project, but I still like it. I kept this one for my self.
  14. Progress Shot-CSX/CR/NYC 86\' Auto Parts Boxcar(Crappy Photo)

    Progress Shot-CSX/CR/NYC 86\' Auto Parts Boxcar(Crappy Photo)

    This is a Walthers 86\' Hi-Cube CSX/CR/NYC Auto Parts Boxcar. I have not completed the weathering. It came factory-patched "NYC". I do not plan on selling it.
  15. CP 1522

    CP 1522

    When shopping around for locomotives, this one caught my eye. Walthers has a huge selection of GP9M's, in many liveries. CP livery is done better then CN IMHO. So I bought it, primarily for switching and transfer duty. Here it's sititng at the station along with an IHC BN C-Liner, awaiting their...

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