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    Question Regarding Applying Decals onto Structures

    I’m looking to apply some Gold Medal Model’s decals to the store fronts of some of my structures. I’d like to apply them directly to the clear window panes that came with the structures. The package recommends using Solvaset decal setting solution to adhere them tightly. Will this solution work...
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    Roof Vent and AC Unit Placement

    Just wrapping up assembling the Walthers Cornerstone Roof Details. I’ve realized that I don’t know the exact prototypical placement of the various types of vents in the kit. Can anybody provide any insight/tips? The kit comes with everything pictured below:
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    Could I use an India ink and alcohol mix to weather a brick structure?

    Weathering is new to me. I am wondering if I could use an India Ink and alcohol wash for weathering my structures a bit. Someone on another thread I’ve been posting layout updates on suggested weathering powders which I’m inclined to do but was just curious about the india ink. I’m aiming for...
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    Evergreen Styrene or Plaster of Paris for Sidewalks Surrounding Structures?

    Question says it all. I will be preparing to construct the roads and sidewalks on my layout and have come across two methods other modelers have been using. Is there an advantage to one over the other?
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    Make your own ship decking for depot platform.

    I was anxious to finish my Craigellachie (The CPR Last Spike) depot, when I realized that I didn't have enough material to finish the platform. The Craigellachie depot is a fairly simple structure, so I wanted to dress it up a little with some ship decking material for a more realistic looking...
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    How to paint laser scribed brick?

    How have you painted laser scribed brick walls? This is the first time I have worked with laser scribed brick and I don't want to mess it up. It is a short-run kit, not likely to be produced again. Previously I worked with plastic brick and just wiped grey paint into the seams. There seem to...
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    Choice of ho shingles

    I would appreciate hearing of your experience with shingles in HO scale. Which suppliers product has served you best? Of those that I have used, the best came in a kit from Scale Structures Ltd. But, they do not offer the shingles as an individual item. Also, if you have developed a...
  8. Early Verticle Oil Tanks

    Early Verticle Oil Tanks

    Early Standardd Oil vertical tanks and stair ways by Scale Structures - their image inhanced.
  9. Early 1900's Mack Truck by KEB

    Early 1900's Mack Truck by KEB

    The shot was taken at the end of a Fine Scale Minatures 'John Allen Station' located at Five Oaks. The main point of interest is the Mack truck.
  10. Some new built DPMs

    Some new built DPMs

    And they are still playing.