steam engine

  1. S

    Pin to couple loco to tender on Fleischmann HO diecast steam (DB BR 01 182)?

    I've lost the pin that my Fleischmann HO BR 01 182 had to hold the tender. I believe what I had was what would be called a "core pin" and the hole is slightly larger than 2mm (maybe 2.2mm?). I'm not positive that was what the loco had originally though. A clevis pin might also work. Anyone...
  2. Modeltrains2021

    HO scale steam lubrication

    How often do you guys lubricate/tune up your steam engines? trying to get a rough idea. Thankyou.
  3. S

    Dream steam train build!

    Hi to everyone, after introduction in newbie section on this forum I'll proceed to details of my train project. At this stage it is nearly finished, just few touches on details and finishing has to be done to complete. Basically I started to work with wood just over 1 year ago with passion in...
  4. S

    Hello from Guinness land!

    Hi lads, just saying hello. Building train 100% from wood, my build is close to finish line. Wanted to share with you it's progress. Should post somewhere build progress shortly.
  5. H

    First Broadway Limited experience, and it wasn't good

    Bought my son BLI's Class J (612 since 611 was sold out). Took it out of the box for the first time this morning at the club, put it on the DC track. It ran beautifully for nearly two hours, and then stopped dead on the track. No sound, no smoke, no light, no motion. Tried their hardware...
  6. H

    Install a decoder in a Spectrum K4

    My son's mother took him to a train show where he convinced her to buy a used Spectrum PRR K4 (5404). From what I've found out online, this engine was released in 1994. I took the shell off the locomotive, and discovered that the rear pickup leads are not connected. The tender is hollow...
  7. tnolan55

    WM 4-8-4 Potomac tender.

    I am currently in the process of converting a atsf 4-8-4 northern into a western maryland 4-8-4 potomac. Can anyone tell me which size and style tender i need and where i can get one?