Hello from Guinness land!


Hi lads, just saying hello.
Building train 100% from wood, my build is close to finish line. Wanted to share with you it's progress.
Should post somewhere build progress shortly.
Welcome to the forum, glad to have you onboard!

Are you really from the Emerald Isle or have you just had 1 too many? ;)

thanks for sharing your hobby with us
Cork is 40min drive from my place...
Have posted up my build in show-off section, hope it's the right place for it. Now waiting for approval from admin.
Welcome aboard. Irish people are some of my favs. I have had a few friends that were proud Irish folk and one even had the clover tatooed on his arm. Good bunch of guys. But every time I think of an Irishman, I think of that crazy guy in the movie Braveheart. Anyone seen that? He was the best character in the movie LOL.

Anyway, I can't wait to see your train. I LOVE woodworking. I grew up in a wood shop and started using band saws and table saws when I was 10. So a wooden train = mega cool in my book!
Welcome to the forums, and I have to add to what NScaler said, the Irish are my favorite people. Spent a week in Ireland touring and that was about 51 weeks too short :)

Hi lads, cheers for warm welcome ;)
Up early this morning to see if my train post has gone alive, so far no see. Patience :D
Hey Kevin,

I saw brave heart, great movie! They took some liberties with history, but still a fantastic movie to watch! There is a great program that comes on the history channel about the real William Wallace its very interesting. He truly was a larger then life person.

I have Irish in my family on both sides. In fact I am 75% Irish with one German grandfather. The Irish are no different then any one else, some good. some bad and some just plain ugly. People are people, we are all the same, but I am proud to be an Irish American! I read somewhere that some estimates say nearly 50% of all Americans have some Irish blood. My ancestors really did get around! It's less then 2 weeks until Saint Patrick's day, then everyone can be Irish for a day! Don't forget, no drinking on Saint Patrick's day, its a holy day. ;)

Top of the morning to you silverlux, I saw your pictures, great stuff, thanks for sharing them!

Its great to have you on the forum with us.
G'day , from another Isle, also with more than a touch of Ireland...Our little town of about 800 on the East Coast of the island state or Tasmania , Australia...We have our landmark as a mountain called St Patricks Head ..that overlooks the town ..Locals call it "Paddy's Head"..Our town is St Marys and in the 1830s and 1840s a lot of iIrish settlers came to the valley...to start a new life...a little community began and to this day the little area on the edge of what became the town became known as Irish Town.
Similarly our German settlers , had the same so another part of our town is known as GermanTown.. My family has both Irish and Scottish links..with a little bit of French on my mum's side...Welcome to this amazing forum..You WILL have a ball ...It's the best fun....Cheers Rod (McGiveron)...