shelf layout

  1. G

    Need Information on Properly Wiring My Layout

    I will be starting track work soon on my 1 ft x 6.5 ft HO scale shelf switching layout and need some help with understanding the difference in wiring gauges and which is best for my setup. I lack knowledge in this area and could use some help. Here is a basic schematic showing how many feeders I...
  2. G

    Northern Pacific Rocky Valley Branch Switching Layout Build

    Hello Everyone! Model railroading had been put aside the last few months except for some minor Lionel train set work. Last week I received an email inviting me to exhibit a layout at a local train show! This brought back some motivation to build another layout:) Now…since my n scale layout...
  3. RIGuyUK

    Hello from Scotland

    Hi I'm Joe and I've just signed up to the forum I model the Rock Island RR in HO. I'm currently building a switching layout called Seething, Ill., part of a yard set in 1976 somewhere in Chicago. Total size is 9ft by 15in. It is NCE DCC controlled and features stock from all the main...
  4. G

    New Layout Build

    Hello Fellow Modelers! Many of you know me from my N Scale Micro-Layout thread. I have decided to build an HO Scale shelf layout as my next build. This build will most likely happen over a longer period of time despite it being a small layout. If only my boss would understand my need to model...
  5. D

    You Light up my life or Placement of lights for shelf layout

    I am building a 2 foot deep mostly shelf layout. I built a valance. I would like to place the 2 bulb florescent lights in the best location. (easier to do now then when the layout is underneath.... I placed the lights about 16 inches from wall. please watch video I quickly did (about 3...
  6. E

    Comments on HO layout design in 13 x 14 ft?

    Could you point out problem areas of this layout and how it might be improved? This is my first "real" layout and I am trying not to be overly ambitious. It starts with the existing Timesaver, can grow around the room with one track, then add passing tracks. (Click on the image to enlarge it.)...