1. Close-up of embankment work

    Close-up of embankment work

    Using the same f16 Aperture I did on the prior shot along with a 28-105 Nikor lens along with a ISO 200 setting as well as adjusting the Fuji settings this is the shot I came up with. It should be noted that I shooting these at a Fine Jpg setting of 2304 x 1536 which yields a 3.5 Mp image...
  2. eTraxx

    Layered Rock Mold

    I poured layers of plaster which I broke and stacked to make a 'shale' rock face. Made a latex mold of that. It came out pretty good I think. Close-up of the 'plug'. I sprinkled baking soda into the crevices and used a thin super-glue to fit it. Larger spaces were filled with some Sculpey...
  3. Don't Drink Too Much!

    Don't Drink Too Much!

    An employee takes a swig of his whisky, as another employee prepares to go back to his work after lunch. A Rock Island Steamer is taking a spin on the turn table.


    THE ROCK passes under the signal bridge at the South end of Chip Yard.
  5. A Clash of Eras

    A Clash of Eras

    A UP GE heads North, as a Rock Island Steamer heads South.
  6. Rock SD40T-2M & SD60

    Rock SD40T-2M & SD60

    Rock SD40T-2M & SD60 taking on fuel.
  7. Shay coming around the bend.

    Shay coming around the bend.

    Here's my shay running through the first sceniced portion of my On30 layout. Scenery base is all foam with rock castings added.