n gauge

  1. dgrafix

    Long term project plan for N scale

    Hi everyone, I have been wondering for months exactly how i could fit a reasonably sized layout in my apartment. I have thought of everything from lowering it from chains (with fold out legs), folding down from the wall (not ideal for non glued stuffs) having shelves running round the room (with...
  2. ChinaHaun19

    Who knew N gauge could be so gorgeous?!

    Months ago my mom bought herself an N gauge Bachman diesel-led train set to add to our house of train living. I would set it up then take it down time to time, and some of the train track got funky and the loco it came with became a little less reliable. Once I saw this steam locomotive New...
  3. GEfan

    N Gauge - California-ish Railroad Layout

    Hi all, I am new to the forum, and just come back to N gauge modelling after a large number of years away. I am UK-based, but have a keen interest in the modern day US railroads. Appreciate that may not appeal to everyone, but does to me! I am fortunate in having an area which is around 21...