1. O

    Original PFM detailed drawings and plans from Don Drew

    Hi, I am new to the forums so I hope I am doing this correctly. I came across a bunch of original plans / drawings for the engines and tenders Pacific Fast Mail had built and imported years ago. They are on plastic sheets, like they were used on the old overhead projectors. I found these at the...
  2. Modeltrains2021

    Locomotive And car storage shelves

    Hi I was wondering what people use as storage shelves for locomotive's and cars. Any ideas would be greatly help
  3. ChinaHaun19

    Who knew N gauge could be so gorgeous?!

    Months ago my mom bought herself an N gauge Bachman diesel-led train set to add to our house of train living. I would set it up then take it down time to time, and some of the train track got funky and the loco it came with became a little less reliable. Once I saw this steam locomotive New...
  4. R

    Build a work cradle for your locomotives and rolling stock

    I recently built my own work cradle for upgrading, repairing, and weathering locomotives and rolling stock. I made a video about how I built it. I hope you find it helpful. https://youtu.be/xgZJg_clr6U
  5. PrairieKnight

    Cleaning locomotive wheels

    This goes along with the thread started by Railrunner. I am learning that having your layout in the basement does lead to alot of track cleaning. So be it.... I am still having fun no matter what I am doing on the layout. Along with cleaning the track, I place a rag on a section of track with...
  6. J

    clamp diode needed in wiring?

    I am currently making a clock that is tied to a Z scale railroad. I hope my explanation is clear: I will be using a Raspberry Pi to run the railroad once per hour on the hour. Normally, the schematic for running a motor (and that is essentially what I will be doing by supplying power to the...
  7. F

    dcc locomotive question

    which is better GP 38 or GP 50 what is the difference in the dcc loco
  8. Steam at Benton Yard WI

    Steam at Benton Yard WI

    A couple of steam engines hang out in one of the engine facilities at Benton Yard.
  9. Working At Night

    Working At Night

    NS 8387 Pulling into the fueling depot at night. Enjoy Nick
  10. The Line Up

    The Line Up

    All The Nice Horses In A Row