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  1. BunkerTheHusky

    The Fox Creek Railroad - Layout update thread

    Welcome to the Fox Creek Railroad! This is an N-scale layout that I began in November of 2022. It is 19 feet long with two 7 foot modules that are 2.5 feet wide and one 5 foot module that is 4 feet wide. I made the layout modular to hopefully make it capable of being moved. I currently live in a...
  2. HO Scale MILW

    HO Scale Amtrak on Switching Layout

    Above are some shots of my fictional, 2 car Amtrak train, the Northern Valley Star, based out of a fictional Wisconsin town, Northern Valley. The switching layout does not resemble any location or era in particular, but VERY VERY LOOSELY resembles Lennox, SD in the 1980s. There are also 2 guest...
  3. M

    Yard Design - Help

    I've constructed the outside loops and laid out a yard lead track, but have yet to lay any yard tracks at all, as I think my design can be improved. I'm modeling a loosely modern freelance prototype. I was thinking I could add some more engine tracks in the space. The layout is 10x5 feet, with a...
  4. Modeltrains2021

    Rivarossi 2-8-8-2

    Hi there i have a rivarossi 2-8-8-2 and it has electrical pick up issues i cleaned the track and the tender wheels going to clean the locomotives wheels and see if that helps any helpfull tips appreciated
  5. L

    Help a new guy with a track layout?

    Hi All, I'm new, and excited, to get started with my first HO layout. I really like the design of the Atlas "The Way Freight Special" Code 83 Layout package: However, the kit specifications state the layout includes...
  6. A

    Do you need supplies? or Even a Railroad custom built? WE HAVE IT ALL!

    Hello and thank you for viewing our thread! Here at Affordable Model Railroads we strive to make your railroad dream come true! We do everything from custom builds to even providing you with your own personal backdrop, and best of all we even travel to install your custom railroad for you! We...
  7. R

    Progress on my layout

    For those who like to see layouts in progress, here is a video of the progress I've made on my layout the past 4 or 5 months.
  8. O

    Quick fun video - Summer heat down in the hollar!

    I thought some might enjoy a simple video of trains running on our display layout. On our Youtube channel at
  9. Repainted Mantua

    Repainted Mantua

    An older Mantua coming around the corner on the SLCR.
  10. DoctorZ

    Night Trains at the Twin City Model Railroad Museum!

    For the last time, now through the Holidays, they are running Night Trains in St. Paul, MN. This is it! They've lost their lease and the layout will be taken down. As of this writing they do not have another site to set up at. Here's some video I shot last weekend...
  11. DoctorZ

    World's Largest INDOOR G-Scale Model Railroad!

    If you've never been to EnterTRAINment Junction in West Chester, OH, it is the most impressive G-Scale layout I've ever seen. They were kind enough to allow me to shoot some spectacular video, including CAB RIDES, of several of their Main Lines, which cover three different eras: Steam...
  12. Breor47

    My N-Scale Layout [Pictures]

    Hi all. Thought I would finally reveal my N-Scale setup to you all. It's a modest thing, but that helps me keep it all fixed up and running! This is my first time photographing my layout, so comments & critiques appreciated! Whole Layout Layout Top-Down Behind Town Crossing the Bridge...
  13. Breor47

    HO Semi-Dogbone Project

    Hello all. I've mentioned here are there that I might have an opportunity to construct a new HO layout beginning sometime after Christmas. If I do get that opportunity, this layout would be my first non-8x4 layout, which is exciting! However, that also means I'm pretty new to designing track...
  14. DoctorZ

    My First Ever S-Scale Model Railroad Video!

    This is a private layout I was invited to video for YouTube. I hope to find more S-Scale layouts to share.
  15. DoctorZ

    Rhinelander Model Railroad Association HO-Scale Layout Video

    If you're ever near Rhinelander, WI, be sure to visit the historic Logging Museum's basement. There's a little known HO-scale model railroad layout there that is an exact replica of Rhinelander during the Great Depression era.
  16. DoctorZ

    My "Deer Haven" Garden Railroad Layout Video

    Okay, I'm showin' it off, here's some scenes and a cab ride from my Garden Railroad Open House last July 19th. Enjoy!
  17. DoctorZ

    My First Ever S-Scale Model Railroad Video!

    Took a trip into the Northwoods of Wisconsin over the weekend and visited two Model Railroad layouts. Shot video of both, then was invited to do a couple of the club member's private layouts. One of them was model in S-Scale (1/64th), and it was quite unique, so I thought I'd share it with the...
  18. D

    My first layout...operations possible

    New guy here...with my first layout attempt. Curious if this would be good for a basic "operations" layout. There is a picture of the coal mine I built but couldn't fit it to the I'm going to add another 4x4 piece. One side will be 4x6 the other side will be 4x8, the 2 joined by a...
  19. K

    New Model Train Website!!!!!

    Hi Everyone, I recently completed a custom Z scale briefcase layout. I did an enormous amount of work on it and made it very detailed. I then created a website,, about it which has a "How To" section along with pictures of the various scenes and extra detail...
  20. DoctorZ

    The NMRHA HO-Scale Model Railroad Layout. MUST SEE!

    This is one of the best HO Layouts I've seen in awhile! The Northern Minnesota Railroad Heritage Association (Northern Trackers) in Cross Lake, MN, have outdone themselves with this one. This layout has over 5 scale miles of track which winds through 9 small Northern Minnesota towns during the...

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